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Macrame curtains – an old trend returned to homes decoration

by Eva

Macrame curtains – an old trend returned to homes decoration

The world of decoration, like fashion, constantly evolving. A fact that is not inconsistent with the return of certain trends of past decades. Favored by the rise of old and traditional crafts, macrame curtains have returned to sneak into our home.

In the world of decoration is a trend that invites us to return to the essence of nature. At the same time, in the world of fashion, its gazes fixed on the seventies and bohemian aesthetics. The combination of both factors, making macrame curtains a great alternative for a touch”current” to our home.

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“Fabric made with more or less complicated knots, which resembles lace” That is how the macramé is, an ancient art that already worked villages like the Persians and Assyrians. Today many young people are giving a return to this work, creating original pieces that serve as planters, rugs or curtains.
Today, bet macrame curtains to decorate our home, it is fashionable. In the catalogs of companies like Anthropologie and Free People, We could see them decorating bedrooms and living rooms of eclectic character, where wood furniture, upholstered chairs or ethnic bedspreads play a major role.
While the work in natural tones remains the favorites, they have appeared on the scene bold proposals combined with neon colors. It is certainly a way to reach a young audience looking to add color to stay in a fun way.

Other uses for curtains macramé

Macramé curtains can also be used to separate areas, as you can see in the last image. At home, they can serve to separate the bedroom from the dressing room, in the form of door or screen. We can also use them as wallpaper to dress the walls; the rooms are less cold and more comfortable.

Would you put macrame curtains in your home? Like the style of the rooms shown in the pictures?   

Images via: Pinterest

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