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Oakleaf Hydrangea, a durable and safe for beginners flower in your garden

by Eva

Oakleaf Hydrangea, a durable and safe for beginners flower in your garden

Do you know a plant called Oakleaf Hydrangea? It looks unusual from general hydrangea, and it blooms very beautiful and voluminous flowers. Oakleaf hydrangea is a deciduous tree and is a tough plant, so it is also recommended for beginners in gardening. In this article, we will introduce the characteristics of Oakleaf Hydrangea and how to grow it in detail.

What is Oakleaf Hydrangea?

Oakleaf Hydrangea is a member of the Hydrangeaceae genus Hydrangeaceae, and is a deciduous shrub whose leaves fall in winter. Hydrangeaceae is one of a group of dicotyledonous plants to which 190 species of 16 genera belong, including hydrangea, Panicled hydrangea, and smooth hydrangea.

Oakleaf Hydrangea is the same American hydrangea that is popular for its white decorative flowers and is native to the states of Louisiana, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, and Florida in southeastern United States.

Native environments include deciduous forests, canyons, and cliffs in river basins.

As the name suggests, it is characterized by leaves that resemble oakleaf hydrangea, and the leaves of oakleaf hydrangea also have deep cuts, giving it a very beautiful appearance. Unlike other hydrangeas, the texture of the leaves is stiff and firm. Not only the flowers but also the autumn leaves are beautiful plants.

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Origin of flower name

The leaves of Oakleaf Hydrangea with beautiful autumn leaves.
The scientific name of Oakleaf Hydrangea is Hydrangea quercifolia. This means “hydrangea with leaves like Quercus Serrata” in Latin. European oak (common oak) is popular in Europe, but although it is called oak, it has more notched leaves.

The etymology of the genus name “Hydrangea”, which indicates the genus Hydrangea, means “hydro (= water)” + Greek word “angeion (= container)”, but it was named because the shape of the fruit resembles a water bottle.

The flower language of Oakleaf Hydrangea is lined with words that give a good impression, such as “charity,” “innocent heart,” “beauty,” “attractive person,” and “energetic woman.” It is said that its origin comes from the appearance of flowers, and it is a recommended plant as a gift for women because there are many flower words that women are happy with.

What kind of flower do you want to bloom?

Introducing the beautiful flowers that are characteristic of Oakleaf Hydrangea.

The flower of Oakleaf Hydrangea is different from ordinary hydrangea with a round shape, and the most characteristic feature is that the inflorescence is conical. The most popular type is a single white decorative flower that is organized in a conical shape.

After flowering, if you leave the flower petals uncut, you can enjoy the change in flower color from white to pink or green.

A flower cluster with many flowers may lie down along with its branches under its own weight.

There are also double-flowered varieties, and such varieties show a heavy bending of branches, especially when they are wet with water. The appearance of the flowers extending straight up is also beautiful, but the appearance of the flowers hanging down steadily due to their weight is also beautiful.

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How to grow Oakleaf Hydrangea

So far, we have introduced the features of Oakleaf Hydrangea. Oakleaf hydrangea has many viewing points, but from here we will thoroughly explain how to grow it.

Cultivation environment

The environment for growing Oakleaf Hydrangea should be half shade to shade.

It grows in the shade, but if the amount of light is insufficient, flowering may worsen, or the tree shape may be disturbed by extending in search of sunlight.

While light is needed, strong sunlight can cause leaf scorch in the summer. It is recommended to grow in a half-shade place where it will be shaded in the afternoon.

It can be cultivated either in pots or in the ground. However, since it is a growing plant, it is desirable to manage it by planting it in the ground if possible.

When planting in the ground, avoid places that are too dry.

Time of planting

The best time to plant Oakleaf Hydrangea is just before the leaves come out from March to April. If it’s autumn, it’s best to stay warm from late September to mid-October.

When planting in the ground, mix humus and compost in advance to improve the soil before planting.

Since it is a large plant, it is suitable for planting in the ground, but it will be a wonderful situation if you plant it in a large pot and use it as a symbol flower for the entrance.

When making potted plants, it is a vigorous plant, so to prevent root clogging, replant (put new soil and remove old roots) or add more pots (replant in a larger pot) once every few years. ..


Oakleaf hydrangea is a plant that dislikes desiccation. If you let it dry, you will lose your energy. For land planting, no special watering is required and natural rain is sufficient. Only when the soil dries early, such as in the middle of summer, watering is done in cool hours such as early morning and evening.

In the case of potted plants, water them thoroughly when the soil surface is dry. Oakleaf hydrangea is a plant that easily evaporates water due to its large leaves and easily runs out of water. Be especially careful of dryness during the hot summer months. Watering is not required in winter because it is a dormant period.

Fertilizers are basically slow-release chemical fertilizers given in January-February and June-August. In the case of land planting, if the soil is fertilized, it will bloom every year without any special fertilizer.

How to increase

If you want to increase Oakleaf Hydrangea, increase it with cuttings.

The cutting season is from June to July. Cut the branches to a length of about 8 cm and insert them in Akadama soil or commercially available cutting/sowing soil to root. At this time, the point is not to add fertilizer to the medium.

Place the seedlings in the shade and water them frequently to prevent them from drying out.

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Enjoy the beautiful appearance of Oakleaf Hydrangea!

In this article, I explained the characteristics of Oakleaf Hydrangea and how to grow it. Oakleaf hydrangea is an attractive plant with a beautiful appearance, and it grows very vigorously and well, so it is also recommended for beginners. When the flowers bloom, you can not only appreciate them in the garden but also cut them, make dried flowers and wreaths.

Please raise it with your own hands and enjoy its beautiful appearance.















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