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Amazing petunia: a magnificent decoration for any garden

by Eva

Amazing petunia: a magnificent decoration for any garden

If you want to equip your garden or yard, not just a flowerbed, but an intricate composition of plants and stones, be sure to pay attention to this interesting flower. An important quality of petunia is its versatility. Among the many different varieties, you can find those that will delight in lush flowers, if you arrange them on a sunny plot and those that will feel great in the shade.

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In Europe, the plant came from South America and brought it by accident. The shape of its leaves, the flower remotely resembles tobacco (“petun“), which gave it a name. Today can be divided into three main types of varieties: large-, flowered and hybrid.

Large-flowered varieties require more sunny and free space. It is better to plant such plants rarely, preferring container plantings. If the weather turns bad, the pots with flowers are transferred to a new place, and even frosted into the room during frosts.

Many-flowered or small-flowered varieties are used for carpet plantings. They are less picky about weather conditions, which makes it possible to seed the lawn already in early spring. Various hybrid varieties, developed for landscaping certain areas of the garden, also show themselves excellently. Petunias look great in the company of other plants, and as the main focus of the flower beds. They can sow the banks of a small pond and areas near the tracks.

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Plant large flowers for the veranda or recreation area, using various garden utensils as containers and a pot. If necessary, you can hide such compositions from strong winds, or move them to more lighted places.

In order for your petunias to please the eye for a long time, do not forget about regular watering and fertilizing. The expanded plant is sprayed with complex fertilizers from above so that the root system does not develop too much. Weak flowers should be removed so that they do not jam the entire composition. If petunia has become visible rotting shoots, they need to thin out.































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