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Canna an amazing tropical plant for you garden

by Eva

Canna an amazing tropical plant for you garden

One of the most impressive bulbous ornamental plants not only because of its flowers but also the very special foliage. This is a tropical plant originating in Central and South America and loves the heat in particular.

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Perennial bulbs with large flowers that resemble those of Iris and Gladiolus in white, red, pink, orange, and the two-color varieties are quite common. Depending on the variety, in addition to the flowers, the leaves of Cannes vary from green to brown-red, monochrome or bicolor.
Tall varieties reach 3 meters in height while dwarfs not exceeding 1 meter are more suitable for planting in flowerpots.

It can be planted on the back of flower beds as a taller plant or individually in islets but also in large planting containers, and in addition to flowers of particular ornament value is its foliage that adds color to the garden all seasons except in winter, with leaves up to 50cm in length and 10-15cm in width.

Canna is one of the easiest plants and adaptable to all kinds of climatic conditions, only they are not resistant to extremely low temperatures.
It can be planted in fully sunny and semi-humid places, thrives in all types of soil without problems and is not affected by the summer heat and humidity so it is suitable even for areas without good drainage. that usually hold rain water, etc.
It should be watered regularly before its soil is completely dried and fertilized every 1-2 months to enhance its flowering.

The bulbs are planted in mid-spring, when there is no longer any chance of frost and particularly low temperatures, at a depth of 10-15cm and at a distance of about 50cm.
It can be planted earlier in flowerpots, but you will keep it in a protected warm spot during the winter to transport or transplant young cannas in spring outdoors.

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In the fall after flowering and foliage wilt, the bulbs should be out of the ground and kept during the winter in a dark, moist and protected from the cold, to be planted again the following spring.

Canna is a summer flowering plant and by the end of autumn it will give a very intense color to the places you plant it.
Propagation is also done by seeds, but the most appropriate method is to plant the bulbs before spring, to divide them to create new plants.
























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