Home Decoration ideas Spring blueness decoration – amazing ideas with blue grape hyacinth

Spring blueness decoration – amazing ideas with blue grape hyacinth

by Eva

Spring blueness decoration – amazing ideas with blue grape hyacinth

It’s the third day on the line when the sun is shining and I’m finally happy to be buried in its rays. True to the cold and the wind, I really enjoy it only through the window, but anyway: wonderful.

Have you experienced how much better a person’s mood is then?

And if spring is already on its way, let’s celebrate it with a floral blog post, as is customary. Curly beads are on the table.

Romantic spring decoration with cherry blossoms – let your home bloom

Blue grape hyacinth flower is one of our most popular spring onion flowers, which when planted in groups or in combination with other spring onions show best. Believe it or not, this small, undemanding perennial forms the delightful, brilliant blue streams many parks around the world, where visitors will be greeted by the dazzling color-palette of spring flowers.

This easy-to-grow spring flower is created in almost every garden, multiplies quickly, and potted or cut, in pots, mosses, birch bark, etc. decoration, it looks very nice.
The little tiny flowers are perfect for decorating our set table, as long as we have a few blue-headed strands to color it.





















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