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Chrysanthemum amazing DIY ideas for garden decoration – tips for planting and care

by Eva

Chrysanthemum amazing DIY ideas for garden decoration – tips for planting and care

The chrysanthemums are known as  “daisy daisies” are flowers of about 30 perennials, belonging to the Asteraceae family, native to Asia and northeastern Europe.

The flowers, varied in color, are combined in calamities of shapes, sizes, and different types: daisies, anemone, spider (spider), pompon, globular. The plant can be driven with one or more floral stems, and each stem can be driven with a single inflorescence at the top (standard or uniform chrysanthemum) or with several inflorescences at the top (chrysanthemum, spray, bouquet).

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Of great importance in a chrysanthemum culture are the cutting works, and the most important of these, in order to obtain the type of flower, is amazing. Specifically, to obtain the standard chrysanthemum, one fresh, one main or a secondary one is stopped on the plant after the blooming work, but the best placed, the rest being eliminated. In order to obtain the chrysanthemum, or “Dutch”, as they are said by some florists, the main freshman and, optionally, a part of the lateral bobs are removed. Eliminating freshness is done by breaking when they are large enough to be grasped between the fingers, but the work must be repeated several times, depending on the particularities of the various growth.

Although cultivated as an annual plant, chrysanthemum is a perennial plant. It dominates the gardens during autumn, blooming from late August to late November.

In order to best act, chrysanthemums require a well-drained soil exposed to the sun or the penumbra. Cultivated in pots or gardening. Watering is often done, but not in excess, preferably in the early morning.

If planted in the garden or pot, it requires regular monthly fertilization. But if it is planted in the garden, it does not require additional fertilization.

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Crizantema has a positive connotation in countries like Japan, the United States or Australia, where it symbolizes the celebration of mothers. It is the flower of light and sun in Japan, and for the Chinese, it is generally rest, quiet, but also serene life, except white chrysanthemum, which signifies grief or sorrow. In contrast, in many European countries, it is considered a funerary flower, being used for funerals. Indeed, in the West, it is customary that, on All Saints Day (November 1st), Christians will be led to relatives who have passed away to the Lord, thus signifying the regret of the deceased.

In Europe, we avoid giving these flowers on romantic holidays or happy events in our lives, but in countries such as USA, Japan or China, these flowers are received with a smile on the lips. In the Romans, however, red chrysanthemums,  are associated with peace, reconciliation, forgiveness, but also sadness.

Besides their beauty, chrysanthemums can also be used to treat certain diseases.

Thus, regular consumption of chrysanthemum tea helps maintain calcium in the body, regulates heart functions and reduces cholesterol levels in the blood.

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Body Tonic

Over a handful of chrysanthemum petals pour half a liter of boiling water. Cover and leave for infusion for 30 minutes, then sweeten with honey to taste. The resulting product, drunk in the evening, before bedtime, for two to three weeks, normalizes the general condition, eliminates headaches and ears, improves vision.

Strengthens the immune system

A teaspoon of chrysanthemum crushed petals is added over a cup of boiling water. Boil for 8-10 minutes at a temperature of 95 degrees, then take off the fire, cover with a saucer and leave it infused for half an hour. Add honey to taste. Drink regularly, half a cup twice a day.

Did you know or not all these things about chrysanthemums? So, if you have not considered it before, maybe you should review a bit of your attitude towards this queen of flowers.































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