Home Decoration ideas How to make an elegant and romantic floral table decoration with hydrangeas

How to make an elegant and romantic floral table decoration with hydrangeas

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How to make an elegant and romantic floral table decoration with hydrangeas

The tenderly blooming hydrangeas spread romantic flair throughout the summer. In addition to the variety of colors, the ornamental plant from Japan also enchants with its lush and voluminous floral splendor. It enchants the garden and plants the window sill and terrace in the tub. In addition, the hydrangea is also an extremely attractive floral decoration with a rural charm that is suitable for every occasion. Whether as a wreath, bouquet or table decoration hydrangeas look particularly elegant and quickly become the highlight in the room. No matter whether you are giving a dinner party or want to spice up the table for cozy family meals: the stylish flower arrangement creates an inviting atmosphere. Discover numerous decorating ideas and great inspirations on how to process the spherical inflorescences of the hydrangea into pretty table decorations.

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Hydrangeas as table decorations

All water-carrying containers are suitable for conjuring up a beautiful table decoration with hydrangeas. Sometimes you only need a single hydrangea flower and a creative idea: a nicely decorated glass, a lantern, a bowl or an old wooden box and you can start making a wonderful-looking decoration.

A variety of attractive table arrangements can be made using well-soaked plug-in material. An easier variant is of course to arrange the hydrangeas in a vase or to decorate them in a glass vessel with water. If the inflorescences are tied like a dome to form a dense bouquet, they come into their own in low vases on the table. Tall and slender containers are more suitable for long-stemmed and airy bouquets of hydrangeas. You could also just sprinkle individual flowers over the table or put them in water bowls.

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Planting summer hydrangea flowers can be a bit difficult at times, as their stems are quite pliable in summer. In this case, you can first wrap the end of the stem with some wire and then prick it into the plug-in mass.
The oblique cut at the end of the stem applies to all decorative variants. In this way, the water absorption of the flowers is optimized.

Hydrangeas and candles

A table decoration with candles and hydrangeas looks magical. For example, lanterns with hydrangea wreaths can wonderfully decorate the summer coffee table or a festively laid table. To imitate such a decoration, simply cut individual flower stems of the same length. Then combine the hydrangea flowers and other flowers into small bouquets, which are fixed with flower wire and connected to a garland. Then tie the whole thing into a flower wreath around the lanterns or right around the candles.

Nostalgic table decoration with hydrangeas

The noble hydrangea flowers come into their own not only in classic vases, but in many different containers and jars, such as in a fine porcelain cup or a wire basket. Therefore, it is sometimes worth looking into the cupboard.

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