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Spirit hacienda: the essentials of the Mexican decor

by Eva

Spirit hacienda: the essentials of the Mexican decor

In the decoration loves more than ever to disorient us and invites Mexico in our interiors. A very hot atmosphere, achieved by a skillful game of bright colors and graphic patterns, freshly landed from the new continent to energize the most classic houses. In contact with terracotta and earthenware tiles, the interior even takes on the air of a Hispanic hacienda. And if we adopted THE summer trend of this year in our cozy nest?

Bohemian Style Decoration

Ready to ship? Under the sun of Mexico, the decoration reveals its summer colors. Terracotta, fuschia, ocher and even green, the palettes are more daring for an interior synonymous with good mood. No more lustful atmospheres, Latin America spices up our homes with carpets with multicolored stripes and cushions embroidered with flowers or Aztec motifs. Hand-made at the coast of the Atlantic Ocean and showcases craft confections – woven baskets, wooded tables, rattan armchairs. A “hacienda” spirit, spotted a few months ago and that seems to be gradually conquering our hearts of addicts to the decor. Here are the essentials of this summer trend.

Brighten the interior with bright colors

By definition, the Mexican aesthetic is very colorful. At the top all the so-called “hot” shades such as terracotta, saffron, rust or brown that evoke the high temperatures of the country; followed closely by bright colors or flashy like turquoise, pink or emerald. But the particularity of the Hispanic style lies in its associations, no question of appeasing a primary tone by another lighter or powder, we seek above all strong contrasts.

Enhance the Mexican decor of motifs

It’s impossible to make your interior travel without a good dose of prints. However not all are suitable, the Mexican decoration is not a remake of the ethnic style. In Mexico, linen – cushions, plaids, curtains – is embroidered with Aztec motifs, a direct reference to the history and culture of the country. In black and white or very colorful, the drawing is geometric and regular. In the same way the flowery patterns are not selected at random. We put on XXL flowers, whether in embroidered threads or directly anchored in the fabric.

Wabi sabi in the interior design – Live the imperfection

Succeed at the braided trend

Another essential for an interior that breathes Latin America: braided accessories. Rattan, wicker, bamboo and even plastic, many materials can be used to weave baskets, baskets and tenates – fiber containers typical of Mexican culture. Sometimes adorned with patterns, sometimes natural or colored, they brighten up the house with a touch of craftsmanship and serve as storage space on a daily basis as kitchen racks. Some of these products are even fair trade, handmade by people with ancestral know-how. The opportunity to combine decorative investment and ethical consumption.

Prefer wooden furniture

Question furniture, wood remains the easiest material to match the colors and prints of such an atmosphere. Woody species – preferably raw, with nuances and asperities – embody the rustic character of Mexican interiors. We particularly like these large tables and their succinct benches that seem cut out of the material. But wood is also a medium of choice for hand-painted motifs: buffets, chests and dressers are sometimes adorned with frescoes and colorful decorations.

Lay Hispanic Coatings

Some materials are representative of architecture in Latin America. Outdoors and indoors, the lime wall gives a Hispanic look to any home; the installation with the trowel allows to obtain these movements and these reliefs peculiar to this coating. Lime works particularly well with terracotta accessories or rattan furniture. On the ground, nothing can match the typical charm of azulejos, tiles of earthenware or ceramic decorated with geometric patterns. However this tile is sometimes difficult to find, so we can opt for printed cement tiles.

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