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Ethnic style: our decor ideas to get in the mood

by Eva

Ethnic style: our decor ideas to get in the mood

More than a trend, ethnic style is a deco movement deeply rooted in modernity. An invitation to travel that we are many to admire … yet so little to master. Natural materials, bright colors, authentic furniture, graphic patterns; if some aesthetic codes are permanent, it is not always easy to unravel this deco node. Here are some recommendations to make the right choices and adopt the ethnic atmosphere at home.

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What is the ethnic trend?

Ethnic style, by definition, is a mix of influences, drawn here and there in cultures and interiors around the world. Wax, tribal, bohemian, Indian, exotic, it is the marriage between the different aesthetics that makes this decoration unique. It is also one of the most creative currents, stimulating the imagination of anyone who dares to adopt it. One point remains essential: the change of scenery. Since through the ethnic we try to stand out from classical atmospheres, to evoke an elsewhere. Controlling the ethnic atmosphere requires some deco knowledge, if we naturally think of colors, patterns but also materials play a determining role. Demonstration.

Bright colors for ethnic style

The advantage with the ethnic trend is that you can afford almost any color. The main palette consists mainly of saturated tones – yellow, brown, orange, red – sometimes punctuated with turquoise, fuchsia and coral notes. In short, a true carnival of colors that must be handled with skill to avoid the misstep, better be content with three or four major tones. The more “chic” version of the ethnic look is satisfied with multiple motifs and praises the black and white duo in total look to calm the game. Thus no risk of falling into the excess color.

The advent of raw materials

Furniture side, the primary textures have the coast! Wood remains the favorite material of the ethnic style because of its natural character; also we favor the species with several shades and veins more or less visible that give the impression that the object was carved in a piece of bark. In the same way, wicker, rattan and all other vegetable fibers are displayed without coloration on armchairs or planters. But an ethnic interior is perfect only when it is adorned with a metallic touch. A wall shelf, a piece of sofa: one piece is enough to introduce the temperament of black metal in this exotic decor.

Furniture inspired by nature and ethnic culture

A wave of colorful prints

Most of the ethnic motifs come from handicrafts and reflect local traditions. Remarkable thanks to their very graphic geometrical shapes, these prints carry many names: Aztecs, Africans, Asians, ancient … etc … They are the hallmark of the ethnic style, without them the decoration loses its authenticity. Cushions, throws, rugs, curtains, sheets, multicolored motifs find a place of choice on linen. What to travel in every room of the house.

Cocooning spirit in the ethnic room

Although naturally associated with shimmering colors, the ethnic style is not opposed to light tones such as white, gray or lightly smoked blue. These delicate nuances are sought after in the sleeping area where cocooning remains the priority. However, it is not a question of making a cross on the exoticism of the room. Embroidered linens, some textured cushions, printed poufs, fabrics are a good way to introduce the ethnic spirit without resorting to bright colors. And once adorned with these delicate linens, the room gains in authenticity.












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