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Chic country decor in 50+ breathtaking photos

by Eva

Chic country decor in 50+ breathtaking photos

Nowadays, the world of interior design is increasingly tending to return to what is natural and authentic. This incredible enthusiasm for natural vintage decor even seems to exceed the interest in ultra-modern style. The latter is often accused of lacking soul and character. More and more people are turning to the chic country decor which, in addition to being very warm and resolutely charming, gives us a feeling of comfort, serenity and inner peace. In this article we will let you know the essential characteristics of this decorative style, illustrating them in 50 superb photos.

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What materials are favor to use?

As you can already guess, the chic country decor relies on natural materials, like wood which is the master of the country chic house. Decorative elements of these materials, such as exposed beams, paneling, parquet and wooden furniture are to be found in almost every interior. It is to them that we owe this feeling of warmth breathed by every corner of the country chic room. Emphasis is placed on the raw appearance of the wood, which is often even weathered to further emphasize this retro impression, so prized by the countryside aesthetic.

On the photo below you see a superb example of a living room decor that uses wood. The pretty rustic beams very successfully combine the raw wooden table and the decorative wooden pieces. The presence of stone, on the other hand, is a nice way to complete this pretty natural decorative set.

A chic country decor in stone and wood that calls for nature

And as for stone, it is likewise quite frequently put forward, just like metal and cement elsewhere. The magnificent stone fireplaces are a lovely callback to the past and a beautiful reminder of years gone by. Traditional styles have been exhaustively researched and adapted into stunning log fireplace inserts that are easy to install and maintain. Another natural accent which is also used quite often as a floor covering is terracotta tiles. Metal beds in the bedroom and metal chests are a fairly common idea, as you will see later in our gallery.

The choice of materials is also very specific. Leather is often allowed to invade sofas, armchairs and chairs. Often accompanied by fur rugs, these decorative elements represent a superb rustic complement to chic country pieces. Otherwise, we mainly favor cotton and linen textiles, which are often adorned with shabby chic prints. Also, note that there are indeed several shops which offer a very rich range of shabby chic furniture and decoration.

Inspiring decoration for country houses

Which colors to prefer?

The number one rule to follow to furnish a chic country room is to avoid colors that are too bright, even glaring. These are totally incompatible with this decorative style. There you must again turn to the palette of natural tones, such as brown, green, yellow and blue. Pastels and cold colors are very suitable and will bring a touch of sweetness. But in general, here also the golden rule of interior design is to be followed. In particular, if you use darker colors on the walls, be careful to choose lighter furniture and decorative accessories. By story, if the walls are dressed in less strong colors, you can afford to opt for bolder tones for your furniture.

What type of coating to choose for the floor, the walls?

As for wallcovering, paneling is one of the most popular solutions. Otherwise, if you want to opt for painting, know that the walls, dressed in pastel colors are particularly charming. They blend country decor perfectly. For an extra shabby chic, you can opt for wallpaper with floral patterns. Wood, in the form of parquet, cement or terracotta tiles, as we have already mentioned, are also a fairly widespread choice for flooring.

Chic country bedroom decor. Parquet – the preferred coating in country-style interiors

What pieces of furniture?

If you’ve ever had an ultra modern space, you probably know that the investments in terms of furniture are considerable. This is not the case, however, with chic country furniture which is very often mottled or recovered. Do not hesitate then to search the flea markets and garage sales which are full of vintage surprises, countryside. You could repaint them and then skate to bring out their potential and hidden beauty. Otherwise, get pallets or old wooden crates and let your DIY spirit speak. You can make all kinds of furniture out of it – tables, sofas, shelves, etc. However, nothing prevents you from opting for brand new furniture, with a rustic spirit. On the royal deco site for example, you can find quite a few beautiful ideas for admirable solid wood tables.

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Be aware, however, that when it comes to furnishing a chic country dining room, the solid wood table and a real must. Often accompanied by wooden chairs, it sits in the middle of the room and represents a magnificent focal point. The sideboard and the dresser are also very characteristic pieces of furniture for the layout of the dining room. In the bedroom, the main characters are usually the bed (usually made of wood or metal) and the weathered chest of drawers.

Which decorative accessories to choose?

Decorative wood pieces are a great way to complete the natural look of a country chic piece. In addition, there are candle jars, wicker baskets, demijohns, and tableware which is also quite often adorned with Liberty motifs. Indeed, anything vintage is appropriate. However, the real star of country chic decoration is plants and especially flowers which are often part of more complex floral arrangements. Arranged in pretty vintage vases or baskets, the flowers make a wonderful centerpiece for your living room or dining room.



















































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