Home Decoration ideas Mattress Cushions: Versatile, practical and flexible DIY deco ideas

Mattress Cushions: Versatile, practical and flexible DIY deco ideas

by Eva

Mattress Cushions: Versatile, practical and flexible DIY deco ideas

The popular mattress cushions for indoors and outdoors are not only extremely comfortable and practical, but also fit in any interior design style. They provide a cozy ambience and can be used as a seat or floor cushion in all possible living areas. The wide range of countless colors and patterns transforms the mattress cushions into remarkable decorators in our living worlds, who will certainly bring more comfort and homeliness into the home. Discover their creative and versatile use in the interior and be inspired by the following living ideas.

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Cozy sleeping area for guests

Do you have friends that visit you or guests that drop by for a few days but do not have extra beds available? A nice sleeping space can be quickly and easily designed with floor cushion in suitable size. You can tow two mattresses on top of each other and the inviting guest bed is ready. With a few extra pillows, the floor mattress becomes a beautiful sofa during the day.

Apart from sitting, the trendy mattress cushions can also be used for leaning. In addition to a cushion upholstery for sofas and garden furniture, you can also transform a mattress pillow into an attractive DIY bed headboard and use it as a comfortable bed rest.

Sitting and reading corner made of mattress pillows

Whether in the nursery or in the home office, a secondary seat is always an advantage. Turn one corner of the room into a second workstation or a cozy reading corner by stacking two mattress cushions and combining them with support cushions. Thanks to the low seat height and the great amount of soft filling, such a seat is particularly suitable for the little ones. A DIY sofa made of floor seating cushions is also a cool furnishing idea for the youth room, where children learn, read or chat with friends.

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Mattress cushions in the role of designer armchair

Another clever idea for comfortable and attractive seating is tinkering with an accent armchair. For the goal, you simply need to fold the seat cushion to form a backrest and attach it using a colored fitness band.
















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