Home decorative styles Ethnic outdoor summer decorations full of inspiration

Ethnic outdoor summer decorations full of inspiration

by Eva

Ethnic outdoor summer decorations full of inspiration

Summer Ethnic style

Mexican, Oriental, African, Indian, and any other individual Ethnic style you prefer can be adopted mainly outdoors and during the summer.
The only difficulty with this particular style in summer decorations is that because it is mainly based on the many fabric elements you should use cotton fabrics and not, of course, wool in the appropriate colors and patterns or base such a decoration on striped colorful fabric patterns combined with some more Ethnic references to other types of data – objects.

Ethnic style: our decor ideas to get in the mood

Objects made of mats and cane, wicker baskets, hats, etc., painted in bright shades, wooden furniture and pots, bamboo furniture and DIY constructions made of raw wood, plants such as cacti, succulents, and geraniums, bougainvilleas and downhill, classic bold shades of Ethnic style such as orange, blue, pink, green and black and white patterns on fabrics, decorative lanterns, and wicker or polypropylene carpets especially for garden-balcony are the basic … materials to create a successful atmosphere in this style, depending of course on whether it is the living room of a garden, a small balcony or a large terrace.


















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