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Natural cocooning living room decoration ideas in the spirit of spring

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Natural cocooning living room decoration ideas in the spirit of spring

Combining soothing materials and soft colors, the cocooning decor aims to make your home a cozy nest, sheltered from external influences. Even more if all this is in a natural spirit enhanced by the use of wood. As soon as you cross the threshold, you enter a cocoon that helps you forget the winter cold, the noise of the city and the stress that surrounds you. Inspired by the hygge trend, this Scandinavian way of life is centered on well-being. Discover the best ideas for creating a natural cocooning living room in the following article.

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Natural cocooning living room: The warm colors to adopt

The cocooning atmosphere is synonymous with softness and calm. Garish, flashy or fluorescent colors should therefore be avoided. Opt instead for neutral and timeless tones. While white can be the star color of a cocooning style, it should only be the base color. Avoid white walls, as they will become a symbol of coldness and worry.

On the other hand, white bed linen in the bedroom, white crockery in the dining room or white decorative objects in the living room are welcome in a brighter and more colorful environment. Taupe, light grey, beige and ecru bring a soft touch that can be enhanced with brighter tones giving character to the living room. You can bet on pastel colors such as pale pink, spicy yellow or almond green. Note that burgundy, navy blue and forest green create a cocooning and warm spirit at the same time. Note that greenery is an element not to be underestimated either. Indeed, indoor plants can soften the atmosphere in every room, while adding a natural touch. Remember that plants can even improve air quality!

Cocooning living room decor with wood in focus: 24 ideas for a cozy atmosphere

Warm and welcoming living room: choosing the right materials

To create a warm and welcoming living room, you have to bet on the right materials. Indeed, the choice of materials plays an essential role for the final result. While natural wood and metal can give a vintage look, the modern and cocooning living room decor gives pride of place to natural materials such as seagrass on the floor, or rattan, caning and light wood for the furniture. Take into account that bringing soft, thick and quilted textiles will add warmth to the space. Again, aim for delicate pastel colors that will accentuate curtains and fabrics. A bench covered in pink fabric will create a cozy atmosphere in a relaxation area of the living room.

Scandinavian-style cocooning lounge

This style of interior decoration is only the extension of an ideal that seeks to go beyond simple comfort to achieve a feeling of absolute well-being. This soothing atmosphere is expressed in a bohemian, bucolic or Scandinavian spirit.

Cocooning living room with wooden accents

There are different ways to integrate wood into the decor of your living room to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. In general, wood is a material appreciated for its characteristics and above all for its ability to bring a rustic, natural and warm touch to any interior. When it comes to the living room, this room that brings the whole family together welcomes this basic element with open arms. Be aware that there are various styles that blend perfectly with wood.

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Mountain chalet style

One such example is the mountain chalet style wooden living room with white walls, with a ceiling with exposed wooden beams.

Rustic style

The rustic style is another variant to adopt wood. By opting for this style, you can use wood as a covering for the floor, the walls, and even the ceiling.

modern styling

The modern style can be softened with the help of wooden furniture and accessories as well.

Scandinavian style

And of course, the clean and minimalist decor of the Scandi

Bohemian style

The bohemian style is one of the trendiest alternatives in decorating. It’s a style much loved by eccentric and adventurous souls.

Decorative ideas for a cocooning living room

Don’t forget that throws and cushions are the key elements for a successful cocooning decor. For cold winter evenings, nothing beats a comfortable and welcoming seat. But rather than choosing big, bulky chairs or a sturdy sofa, opt for portable furniture that’s easy to fold up when you don’t need it.

Cushions for a cocooning space

Floor cushions are an excellent alternative for accommodating several people without taking up too much space. Bet on soft materials such as faux fur or knitwear that bring a feeling of comfort and relaxation. Do not underestimate the role of decorative cushions. Remember to bring colorful cushions or geometric patterns to highlight the shape of your sofa.

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Carpet for a cozy living room decor

Note that an area rug can go a long way in creating a sense of well-being in every room of the house. Opting for a rug in the living room will not only add the finishing touch to the decor, but also soften the atmosphere. You just have to choose the carpet that will unite with the rest of the decor.

Curtains for a warm living room

Whatever style of decoration you prefer, do not forget the curtains. The cocooning decor favors thick window coverings that add elegance to the space, while ensuring privacy for the inhabitants.

Lighting for a warm atmosphere

Don’t forget that you can play with the lighting to create a warm atmosphere. Try to vary the sources of artificial light in order to obtain a cozy and soft light. Rather than a ceiling light, favor indirect side lighting. Feeling comfortable in a room is not only a question of layout. Take into account that lighting plays a decisive role in the layout of your living room. Place a floor lamp next to an armchair to define a reading corner and a few table lamps in different places. Consider opting for dim lighting that provides enough light without being too bright. As a general rule, bet on warm white bulbs to avoid a feeling of cold.

















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