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Ideas to paint and decorate magically with terracotta color

by Eva

Ideas to paint and decorate magically with terracotta color

Autumn is here, and that means natural colors become very popular for decorating at home. So for today, I chose terracotta often called baked clay. This color is very charming, especially if you are a fan of the Bohemian style. As the trend of green plants in the room is usually present with terracotta pots, but not just for the pot this time, the hot orange color is quite neutral to be combined with various color schemes.

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To display more pop color in the right room, you can put terracotta on the wall. You want to use the color or make it natural, by selecting a brick wall and retaining its original color, want to paint the entire wall or just the half accent wall, or just want to give some color of terracotta to the furniture color. Whatever your wish, today I have gathered terracotta paint design ideas, which is hard to miss, as it creates a warm wood background and a neutral accent that is bold and comfortable.

If you are lucky enough to have exposed brick walls, then you are ready with the terracotta you need. For a simpler style, you can choose decorations with the corresponding colors, such as carpets, wall hangings, cupboards, to minimalist sofas. Here’s a gallery of magical terracotta decorating ideas that can fit your home style, scroll down and get inspired.

Strong color differences with geometric shapes





















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