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Fresh summer decoration with wicker objects

by Eva

Fresh summer decoration with wicker objects

The matte is generally one of the most stylish and natural decorative materials, much more so for seasonal summer decorations of indoor and outdoor spaces.
Both with ready-made wicker and decorative items of any type you can find in the market of home-made items in a wide variety but also with simple DIY constructions – transformations into wicker baskets, disks, hats, etc., you will easily and quickly create an absolute summer atmosphere in every space of the home.

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The combination of small or larger wicker elements with simple items of wood, glass or stone and fabrics in summer texture-motifs is a surefire way to give every part of the house a beautiful and especially summer look.

Especially in Ethnic style spaces, wicker items are among the most appropriate decorative options for every season of the year, just in the summer, you can … emphasize the whole style with even more straw.

Wicker summer carpets are, due to their size, one of the most impressive items of matte that you can use in decorating your home or cottage in many different ways.

Their natural face – tint makes them ideal for any space, regardless of the style of decoration and the shades that dominate can be placed even on the balcony or turned into impressive decorative … wall.

Each type of bamboo or rattan furniture, large closed baskets for every use that can be used as auxiliary tables, reed beds or pergolas with wicker cover and classic coffee table chairs that you can also paint your wooden part in any shade you want, are some of the large-scale wicker items for use in summer outdoor and indoor configurations.

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But also with smaller items like light hats, casks, wicker shallow baskets that you will use as “trays” to gather decorative objects on an indoor or outdoor table or use as wall decorations, etc. will quickly and easily create very beautiful summer compositions – decorations.

Especially the baskets and straw hats are among the simplest and most economical items for use in summer decorations for any space, either in natural shades or in bright colors.

Each type of wicker baskets, cashew, etc. can easily be painted with simple acrylic paint or spray paint in any shade you want. The way to give the most elegant finish is to paint a part of the basket, leaving the rest in its natural color. To delimit the parts of the object that will have different shades, just use a protective painting strip.






















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