Home Garden Best tips for how to care geraniums in winter to stay beautiful

Best tips for how to care geraniums in winter to stay beautiful

by Eva

Best tips for how to care geraniums in winter to stay beautiful

Geraniums in winter need special care because these flowers come in rest until next spring. Geraniums are spectacular flowers that bloom and make your garden, balcony or terrace beautiful. These flowers even offer cascades of flowers, often being chosen for their beauty both in households, as well as in restaurants or other public spaces.

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Learn how to care for the bites in winter so that they remain the same beautiful, healthy and spectacular flowers.

Care geraniums in winter

1. Before the first haze falls, cut all the nutmeg seeds about 10 cm, even if they still have flowers.

2. When you cut all the nutmegs around 10 cm, you can also look for the old branches and cut them shorter.

3. Before cutting the geraniums, it is important to thoroughly wash the tools you use.

4. If you have a geranium in the pot, then you must know that it is kept in a cool room. Muscles in pots are kept at temperatures of at least 1 degree Celsius and a maximum of 12 degrees Celsius.

5. Then the plant will only water very rarely. Water is added to the muscles during this time only to prevent the substrate from becoming completely dehydrated. Make sure you put in some water, about 100 ml of water a month.

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If you have followed all these steps, the following spring geraniums will reward. The resting state of these flowers is from winter to spring after the danger of mists has passed. At that time, you can take out geraniums -sized pots again and arrange them on the terrace, windows or other spaces where you choose to arrange your flowers.

Take care to help the geraniums by taking care of them so that they will give you beautiful, healthy and colorful flowers.


























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