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Life hack for creating beautiful petunias compositions

by Eva

Life hack for creating beautiful petunias compositions

You can create a beautiful composition of petunias by transplanting them from small separate pots into a large common container. We would like to share with you a life hack that will help you carry out the transplant as quickly and accurately as possible.

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First you need to remove the plants from the pots. To do this, immerse them in a container of water and leave for a few minutes. After such a manipulation, you can easily pull out the earthen lump from the pot.

Pour dirt into a large container, filling about half the volume. Place empty pots on top of the flowers that will be transplanted.

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Fill the space between the pots with soil and compact it well.

Lift one of the pots out of the ground by twisting it slightly. As a result, you will get a neat hole, the size of which perfectly matches the size of the earthy coma.

Place a plant in this hole. Repeat this simple procedure with other plants. So, literally in 30 minutes you can create a beautiful flower arrangement without any problems.

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