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Secrets for planting and growing corn in your garden

by Eva

Secrets for planting and growing corn in your garden

Maize, our known corn is one of our favorite spring vegetables that we grow and harvest fresh in the summer to eat boiled or roasted. Originally from Central America, corn is usually planted in a garden and can reach up to two meters in height. There are white, yellow and red varieties of edible corn, some sweeter and others with a harder bark. There are different varieties to make popcorn, and there is also ornamental corn with impressive seeds of different colors.

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How do we prepare the ground for planting corn?

The cultivation of corn requires deep and fertile soil with good drainage. Before planting the corn, we dig deep into the soil and incorporate enough compost, well-digested manure and biological fertilizer to enrich the soil with nutrients. Corn needs sunny places to give us rich produce. The best time to start planting corn is April for the southern regions of the country and May in the north.

How do we plant corn and at what planting distances?

Avoid making corn plants in the bed, because when the corn does not root directly into the soil, it will “stress” due to transplanting. Before sowing, we put the corn seeds the night before in a wet cloth to moisturize and grow faster. So we plant the corn seeds directly in the soil at a depth of 4-5 cm, 2-3 seeds at each location, at distances of 20-40 cm between the plants and 50-100 cm between the planting lines.

What is the need for watering and fertilizing the corn cultivation?

The corn needs regular watering and plenty of water to grow and produce rich fruit. Especially from the flowering period to the fruit growth, the needs for watering are much greater. Regarding the nutritional needs of corn cultivation, we add every three weeks a complete biological fertilizer to ensure good fruitage. In addition, it should be noted that spraying with zinc-rich formulation helps flowering and fruit production well.

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How do we deal with corn insects and diseases?

To prevent insects and diseases, we spray the corn plants every two weeks by dissolving 20cc of eco-friendly fatty acid salts and 1ml of natural pyrethrin in one liter of water. In this way, we protect them from squirrels, worms, dirt, migraine and other insects that infest corn plants. Adding thyme around the root helps prevent squirrel. We can also use recipes with natural materials for plant protection we propose in our related article.


And one last secret to growing corn

Depending on the variety of corn we plant, the harvesting time is different. There are early ripens that are harvested 60-70 days and there are ripening varieties that take more than 3 months to harvest. In any case, when the corn is ripened, the cob, that is, the flowering of the corn becomes hard and fills with seeds while the leaves surrounding it are relatively easy to clean.












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