Home Decoration ideas How to grow an inimitably glamorous and “tasty” lavender right on the windowsill

How to grow an inimitably glamorous and “tasty” lavender right on the windowsill

by Eva

How to grow an inimitably glamorous and “tasty” lavender right on the windowsill

Lavender is considered one of the most spectacular and fragrant plants. Her bright green foliage combined with delicate flowers of a lilac hue can not leave indifferent any gardener. It is noteworthy that a wonderful lavender can be grown even at home, right on the windowsill – for this special room, varieties are developed that adapt to the conditions of a city apartment and perfectly decorate it.

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Varieties of room lavender are varied: you can find plants with pale lilac, white, pink, purple and blue flowers. The most popular is the type of “English” lavender or narrow-leaved lavender – it is resistant to frost, compact (up to 40 cm in a pot) and fragrant. However, most indoor lavenders belong to nameless hybrid varieties, among which Dutch lavender (transitional, hybrid) often flashes, pleasing the owners with spectacular and fragrant flowering.

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Indoor lavender is somewhat capricious, although adapted to life in a city apartment. It is vital for her to choose a comfortable place to “live” – the plant loves the soft sun, restrained temperature without excessive heat and, oddly enough, regular airing. Windows facing the north or west side are not suitable for her; the most comfortable place for her is the eastern windowsill. She can withstand the sun but prefers diffused light. Backlighting during dormancy is also very important for room beauty lavender.

Indoor lavender, as a rule, loves light, not average soil moisture, however, it is better to ask the seller in advance about watering a particular type. She does not need high humidity but also does not tolerate excessive dryness. Plant nutrition is not necessary if the soil is nutritious enough, however, in order to achieve active flowering, during the growth period, you can fertilize it with ordinary mineral fertilizer every 2 weeks.

Narrow-leaf lavender does not tolerate trimming of lignified parts: pruning should be carried out one to two knots higher than the beginning of the growth zone. Lavender room rejuvenation is carried out in early spring, and the main pruning is performed after flowering, cutting the “pillow” of greenery and starting the growth process. Lavender, although it is a whimsical plant for the home, is worth all the effort spent on it – with proper care, it will delight you with charming and “tasty” flowers.









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