Home Garden Brugmansia: An amazing large lush flower in the form of phonographs for your pot and garden

Brugmansia: An amazing large lush flower in the form of phonographs for your pot and garden

by Eva

Brugmansia: An amazing large lush flower in the form of phonographs for your pot and garden

Brugmansia is a bush belonging to the nightshade family, with a tree trunk, large lush flowers in the form of a phonograph, and a heady, easily recognizable fragrance. Under natural conditions, the plant is found in tropical and subtropical zones, prefers a hot climate in which an outlandish flower amazes with its flowering year-round and turns the site into a picture of fantastic beauty, which is confirmed by the photo of Brugmansia. In a cool environment, it blooms much less often.

Almost every sophisticated florist hopes to grow such a bush. In fact, this is not too difficult to do if you know about all the intricacies of caring. The heat-loving plant is usually cultivated in the backyard area, where it competes successfully with ivy, coleus, and geraniums.

Brugmansia requirements and conditions

The problem is that the bush cannot stand the cold at all. The plant is usually bred in open soil or in containers, and in winter it is transferred to the home. In southern latitudes, this can not be done, the flower will calmly withstand a warm winter without frost.

In the northern regions, the bush is immediately planted in a separate container so that in winter it is possible to transfer it indoors. The hassle of relocation will be justified when magnificent giant bells with an attractive scent bloom.

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When choosing a place on the site for the summer planting of exotic beauty, one should take into account the location of the sun and shade: it should be in the diffused shade and be protected from the wind. Heat-loving shrubs prefer sufficient lighting but do not like drafts. The bright sun may not like the flowers, and in the dense shade, the mass of the leaves will increase.

Blossom-heavy branches need extra support. In summer, and especially on hot days, it is recommended to water the bushes with heated water.

Tall, spreading bushes with large resilient leaves, with impressive roots need a sufficient amount of moisture. In some cases, the flower is sprayed at sunset, protecting the blossoming inflorescences from moisture.

When planning a place for planting Brugmansia, it must be borne in mind that the plant needs space: its crown spreads up to 2 m in diameter. Close proximity to other flowering bushes should also be avoided. In the container at the base of the royal phonographs, you can plant a long-blooming begonia, also a great lover of water, which will be comfortable in the shade of a spreading bush.

It is desirable that the soil on the site be thick, loamy. Brugmansia must be fertilized regularly – at least twice a month, using liquid mineral fertilizing, adding wood ash, and during intense flowering – with the addition of potassium and phosphorus.

In the summer, a flowering shrub does not need pruning. But in the winter season, the plant kept at home produces many delicate powerless shoots that will need to be removed in the spring. The best time for this is March. Moreover, it is necessary to cut off excess shoots before the emergence of fresh ones.

First, they get rid of dried and stunted twigs. Full-fledged shoots are cut off by a third, with their help it will be possible to propagate the plant. Thinning should not be overdone so as not to diminish the abundant flowering. The branches are cut for the first time a year after the first flowering. For a generous flowering, you need to keep the lateral processes horizontally, which usually have the most flowers.

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Planting in open ground

Keeping a shrub at home is complicated by the fact that it grows rapidly and has voluminous rhizomes that can break the pot. The grown cuttings should be transplanted into open soil so that they are provided with the necessary space and the necessary lighting.

The young shrub initially vigorously increases its volume, it will not bloom yet. Brugmansia in the open field in a warm region can safely overwinter. In a low-temperature region in winter, the upper part of the plant freezes out; when it warms, the rhizomes quickly sprout, but not always. Rhizomes can also freeze and die. That is why it is better not to risk it and, on the eve of cold weather, take a bush transplant into a flowerpot.

In the warm season, it is quite easy to care for an exotic beauty: the plant is unpretentious in its care requests. It does not require an intricate irrigation structure or special fertilizers, although it does need moisture and feeding. With proper care, Brugmansia will bring a lot of pleasure to its owner with its beauty, grace, and extraordinary aroma.

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Cultivation of Brugmansia

Planting from seed is not a very trustworthy method. It must be remembered that heredity is not transmitted, which is why there is no one hundred percent guarantee that the new plant will retain the variety. However, this planting method is used in floriculture practice.

Sowing is done at the end of winter, the seeds are covered over with a light layer of soil, soaked in moisture, and covered with glass or film. The temperature must be maintained at 22 ° C. Literally after 14 days, the first shoots hatch, after which the cover must be removed and the required moisture content must be ensured.

Planting in separate pots is carried out after the appearance of several leaves on the shoots. Only after the entire pot is filled with roots should it be transplanted into a permanent container.

Propagation by cuttings is the most proven and popular method of planting Brugmansia. Usually for him, at the end of spring, fresh branches with an apical bud, cut to 25 cm, are placed in water with activated carbon added to it.

After spraying, you can cover them with plastic bottles and store them in a warm, bright place. By the time the roots reach 5 cm, the cuttings will be ready for transplanting, and after rooting, they can be transferred to a permanent container.

Brugmansia is a poisonous shrub that is banned from public cultivation in most countries. Its attractive scent can provoke headaches and sometimes even cause hallucinations. Therefore, flower growers with small children should be careful.





















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