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Polygala: a wonderful ornamental shrub for your garden

by Eva

Polygala: a wonderful ornamental shrub for your garden

Of the plants that many do not know its name, while they know its appearance and one of the most impressive flowering and easy cultivation of perennial shrubs.

Polygala, with its characteristic pink-purple blossoms in groups at the end of the shoots and small leaflets that resemble those of Myrtle, is one of the most common ornamental shrubs for flower beds, paddocks and planting pots. The regular varieties can be grown in the form of a tree with a height of 2-3 meters, while the dwarfs do not exceed 40-50cm and are suitable for planting and flower pots. Both tall but mainly low-cut pruning plants have a particularly striking appearance.

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In addition to its sensitivity to frost conditions, and where it should be protected with nylon or plant-specific frost, Polygala does not require special care and is not difficult to treat.

It needs plenty of light but also grows well in semi-humid areas and regular watering, every 2-3 days during the warm summer season and more sparsely during times when its soil retains more moisture.
It grows satisfactorily and easily in coastal areas.
At the end of winter, especially tall plants, they need pruning to remove dry branches and to grow new shoots on the inside, so that Polygala is symmetrically “full” without sparse and foliage branches.

It’s rich flowering, which lasts from early spring to late autumn, is the main reason Polygala is one of the most popular ornamental shrubs for gardens and public spaces.
In areas with not heavy winter adult plants very often maintain a significant number of flowers in the winter months.

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Propagated by cuttings, spring or autumn, but almost all seasons you will find small or already grown plants in all nurseries.















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