Home Decoration ideas 30 interior design ideas in Indian style for a colorful, exotic home

30 interior design ideas in Indian style for a colorful, exotic home

by Eva

30 interior design ideas in Indian style for a colorful, exotic home

Today, we are talking about a magical living trend that exudes true joie de vivre and soothing coziness – the Indian Style. It is not for nothing that it is also very popular in this country and is often used by many in its own home. The so-called Boho-Bollywood-Look is so gorgeous and fairytale that you quickly put yourself in the exotic distance and at the same time feels much more relaxed. In the following lines, you will learn what makes this remarkable interior design style and how you can integrate it into your home. In addition, we present you with 30 beautiful interior design ideas that you can use as the necessary inspiration.

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In a warm, light-flooded country, the colors are mostly bright and saturated, not only in nature but also in the interior. These are best used on walls and textiles. In most cases, they are inspired by the typical Indian spices. A glowing turmeric yellow, combined with the fiery saffron red, immediately creates a serene, sunny mood and the curry-ocher accents are soothing and inviting.

The patterns of most interior design ideas in the Indian style are mainly inspired by the diverse flora and fauna of the country. Leaves and flowers, animal prints and peacock feathers are just a few of the patterns and ornaments most commonly used. Another deco element that is indispensable when setting up in Indian style is the well-known paisley pattern. 

The walls can be painted Indian Style either in one of the typical spice colors or in a neutral color. As an accent, you can choose an atmospheric wallpaper with colorful paisley patterns, for example. Woven wall tapestries also add that certain something and the traditional wall decoration made of carved wood – the so-called Jharokha – adds the finishing touch to the whole thing.

Good interior design ideas in the Indian style almost invariably show that solid wood furniture is always to be preferred, predominantly in darker shades. Ebony, teak, Sheesham, and rosewood are some of the most used woods for this. Often, the traditional Indian swing – Jhoola – is also made from it and skilfully staged as an eye-catcher in the room. The cabinets, wooden chests, and chests of drawers are in most cases beautifully painted or provided with elaborate carvings.

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Statues of deities such as Buddha and Ganesha as well as figures of animals and plants made of wood, brass or copper are omnipresent in the decoration of the Indian style of living. Not only furniture but also home accessories, traditional craftsmanship is indispensable. Lovingly crafted vases, bowls, and candlesticks are simply unbeatable as an atmospheric table decoration. This is often accompanied by the characteristic Diyas, Indian lanterns with a wick, mainly made of clay.

Decorate your home with these interior design ideas and tips and indulge in gorgeous colors and ornaments every day. Experience, again and again, the calming effect of colorful coziness and mysterious spirituality. Bring the warmth and sunny power of the south into your own four walls and make your exotic dreams come true.

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