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Cottages of our heart: Summer inspiration ideas

by Eva

Cottages of our heart are those houses that we live in spring and summer.

Cottages are these homes, holiday homes, weekends and hearts are the ones that carry all our favorite memories inside. That’s why it’s worth watching a little more.

A great Cottage in Spain

Change those with us and match for us. Not in a costly or complex way, but with things we can create for ourselves with love and love.

That’s why, above all, let’s get rid of the many furnitures.

Let’s remove the carpets and heavy curtains. The living room becomes a white space with salty woods, white curtain gauze and a wicker carpet that hides the floor.

Pillows in bright colors and cool colors textures that add to the sense of lazy.

Old furniture, chairs, benches or bamboo patio furniture with little imagination are able to give boho style to space.

Change the frames to the walls and why not, change the color on the wall of the dining room. A color reminiscent of gardens and the fragrance of the lilac.

Find what characterizes you and highlight. Even an old bicycle or a vintage mirror can become part of the decoration.

A bohemian cottage in Mykonos

They do not need much to change your space. Disposition is needed so that nothing remains the same.



























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