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Oriental decoration ideas – 45 fabulous living ideas like 1001 nights

by Eva

Oriental decoration ideas – 50 fabulous living ideas like 1001 nights

Colorful rugs, patterned seat cushions, gilded vases, finely carved, metal lanterns and bulbous hanging lamps – setting up in the Middle East is not as difficult as you might think. Strict furnishing rules do not exist here. The main thing is lush, sensual and cozy. It almost feels like a fairy tale from 1001 Nights. Fantastically beautiful and mysterious an oriental-inspired ambiance, which is furnished with love and taste. You can give your own imagination free rein. Numerous furnishing ideas, like these in our picture gallery below, provide inspiration.

28 Amazing inspirations to reproduce a decoration from the Arabian Nights

Let’s start off in a subtle and puristic way. Because setting up oriental can also be very simple. White, silver and gray are preferred shades in this case. They provide a balanced interaction for timeless sophistication and noble charm. The typical Moroccan oriental ornaments on the walls, doors, and windows as well as the unmistakable pattern tiles on the floor give structure and a reasonable dose of dynamic in the room.

Stylish home accessories, such as this glass container in cobalt blue, are fresh splashes of color and complete the whole skillfully.

Something colorful and rustic, but still so refined and simple, it goes on to the trendy trend: Scandi Boho. It is a remarkable mix of two very popular interior design and decorative styles, which are not only well-known and preferred in this country, but also worldwide. The one provides simple elegance and clarity and the other brings color and joie de vivre with it. The mix is simply stunningly magical and takes us into the fairytale world of the Orient, which somehow feels Nordic.

Ethnic style: our decor ideas to get in the mood

Not only the real boho style fans are attracted by the colorful oriental flair. Other fine spirits and world walkers love to decorate their own four walls in this magnificent style. Colorful, hand-knotted carpets, stylized tendrils and flowers, curved ornaments and lots of cushions create the perfect sensual atmosphere in any room. Candlelight made of finely cut lanterns and lanterns flickers quietly around and the ornate hanging lamps cast playful shadows on the walls that make everything even more magical.

Nostalgic house decoration like in the 60s


















































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