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Floor lamps in the living room: stylish and functional lighting ideas

by Eva

Floor lamps in the living room: stylish and functional lighting ideas

Lighting is an important functional and stylistic part of any thoughtful interior. With the help of lamps, you can easily completely transform any room. Central ceiling lighting is a thing of the past. Today sconces, floor lamps, night lights, spotlights on the ceiling and individual lighting allow you to zoning the space and create comfort. Floor lamps have again returned to modern apartments, interior designers recommend using them in the hall and living rooms.

Modern living rooms: Trend ideas and designs for inspiration

Using a floor lamp, you can create twilight and intimacy in a room if you turn off the main lighting. Floor lamps are used in the recreation area, they are installed near the reading chair or next to the sofa.
A floor lamp is a floor lamp standing on a high leg, decorated with a lampshade. The stand can also be three legs, and the lampshade is made of a variety of materials: fabric, paper, metal, plastic, glass. The shape of the cup is also limited only by the imagination of the designer, the most common – cone, cylinder, ball. A floor lamp may have several lampshades.

The floor lamp will certainly attract attention, so you should choose it so that it does not get out of the picture. You can choose a floor lamp for any style: classic, retro, art deco, empire, eco-style, hi-tech, modern, boho and many others. First of all, when choosing a floor lamp, you should pay attention to the material from which it is made, and to the overall design. So, how to choose a floor lamp for a specific style? Eco style. Clinging to everything natural and natural, in an eco-style, wooden and paper elements are often used for decoration. Lampshade can be decorated with tree branches, leaves, bamboo. It is best to use wood that is not coated with varnish or paint.

Check in the following images stylish and functional lighting ideas for your living room































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