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Cocooning attic bedroom: top tips for decorating

by Eva

Cocooning attic bedroom: top tips for decorating

The attic space often remains neglected and untapped, being viewed as a tight corner and in most cases – dark. In the meantime, there are plenty of alternatives to enhance its potential and even create a room in its own right. For those in need of an additional private corner or looking for ideas for a cozy little getaway, welcome to our new article… In the following lines, we will share with you many tips for decorating a cocooning attic room. Enough to guarantee a warm and comfy room conducive to idleness during the cold days striking at our doors.

The colors to prioritize in a cocooning attic room

The lack of abundant or even sufficient natural light is proving to be a popular drawback in this space. This is why it is important to go for light colors which normally have the power to create the impression of a larger and brighter space.

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Cocooning white room

White is usually the go-to choice for the entire attic bedroom look. In addition to being a soft, calming, and illuminating color, it visually enlarges the room mainly thanks to the absence of accents and distraction thus establishing a cohesive atmosphere.

Gray cocooning room

Shades of gray, on the other hand, are another fantastic solution for the design of a cozy bedroom. Being part of the natural palette, they give character to the room while adding a modern and elegant note. To stay within the framework of a serene and luminous decor, we recommend light tones such as pearl gray, pure pewter, pilchard, or oxidized pewter.

Cocooning bedroom decor with neutral tones

Besides the plain look, it is also possible to play with a few different neutral undertones to achieve such a comforting result. So, for example, mixing gray with white is a good idea to enjoy a balanced and calm decor. Incorporating elements in beige or brown tones also creates a peaceful and warming decor.

Cocoon the room under the slope with warm, enveloping textiles

A second parameter to consider is the choice of suitable textiles. To warm the mood in any room, decorative elements in the form of cushions, throws, and rugs are almost mandatory. Then focus on materials conducive to comfort and cozy decor.

Adding woolen cushions and throws is an incomparable decoration trick to give an enveloping look to the bed, the sofa, and the chairs.

A mohair bedspread in a beige or pastel shade will suddenly create a feeling of warmth and softness.

Dressing the floor with one (or more) fur rugs is an excellent approach to cocooning the space immediately.

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Bedroom under the slope with relaxing furniture

Unsurprisingly, the selection of furniture plays a major role in the ambiance. Whether it is to stretch out on a soft sofa with a cup of coffee in your hand or to curl up in a bohemian egg chair for a moment of mental break, the choice of furniture is made with particular attention.

Wood appears to be the predominant choice in most cases. Thanks to its natural appearance, it adapts perfectly to any style, infusing it with a rustic and warm touch.

Velvet armchairs and stools are also suitable for creating a reading corner that is both cozy and very elegant.

Furniture made of natural fibers such as bamboo or rattan is also very fashionable and has the ability to add an exotic touch to the space.

Lighting for a romantic cozy bedroom

Since it is above all a room conducive to relaxation and good sleep, it is not necessary to opt for very bright ceiling lighting. Indeed, it is more suitable to install a few small lamps at different heights in order to create a more romantic effect. In addition, the dim light will boost the feeling of comfort.

Deco attic bedroom with a reading corner

A rainy day, a hot winter drink, and a favorite book… This seems like the perfect scenario for fans of reading and comfort. And very often, we associate this idea with an ultra cocooning and soft resting corner. So, if you are looking to make the room more enveloping, nothing more suitable than to provide a cozy reading corner, ideally near the window.

Perfume the space in the attic bedroom

Very often, certain sensations or experiences are associated with a particular scent. Indeed, in recent years, aromatherapy is gaining popularity for its many virtues. It is therefore not surprising that using a few drops of essential oil or another type of home fragrance ranks among the top solutions for making the bedroom more cozy and relaxing.














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