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Modern living rooms: Trend ideas and designs for inspiration

by Eva

Modern living rooms: Trend ideas and designs for inspiration

The term “modern”, in the dictionary, makes direct reference to the concept of what integrates the present time. Within architecture and interior design, the word gains another definition, broader and entirely related to the artistic and cultural movement that emerged between the 19th and 20th century and became known as modernism.

And why do you need to know all of this just to decorate a room in a modern style? The answer is simple: so that you do not confuse modern materials, in the sense of current, modernist materials and trends. Calm that we will clarify all this in this post. You will understand what actually makes up a modern decor and what elements need to be present to, finally, set up that modern and beautiful living room, just like the ones you see there on Pinterest. Check out:

Decoration of a modern living room

It doesn’t matter if the living room of your house is small and simple or big and luxurious, the tips we bring here are for any of them, so take note and start planning now:

Functionality always

One of the pillars of the modern style is the concept of functionality. In this type of decoration, furniture and objects keep practical and convenient functions in everyday life, making it very difficult for you to come across objects that are useless in modern decor.

In this case, it is very worthwhile to use furniture and decorative pieces such as mirrors (they bring depth to the environment and are decorative), puffs (serve as a table, bench, support), countertops (for meals, study, work or simple chat) in short, everything you can add more than one utility is welcome in modern decor.

Less is more

Surely you must have come across the expression “Less is more”, perhaps what you still don’t know is that it was created within the modernist proposal.

In the living room, the term can be used in a very similar way to what was mentioned above, that is, everything that does not add functionality can be discarded and that which is purely decorative should be used sparingly so as not to pollute the environment visually…

Cozy ideas for small minimalist living room design

Neutral tones

The neutral tones for the living room follow the motto of “less is more”. In fact, neutrality is a basic feature of modern decor. But do not be alarmed, this does not mean that your room should be white as a ghost. Even though white is one of the main basic colors of modern decoration, it need not – and should not – be the only one.

Contrasts are well received in the modern living room and you can achieve this effect with shades of black and gray combined with strong and striking colors, such as yellow, red and blue, which in this case are generally used in details and smaller pieces. Earthy tones, like brown and beige, can also be used, but it is worth remembering that these colors will leave the room pulling to a more elegant and sophisticated side.

Pastel tones are another interesting option, especially in Scandinavian-influenced decorations, but be careful not to leave the room too delicate and turn it into an example of retro and vintage decor.
The integration between the environments is another striking point of modern decoration, for this it adds the living room to other environments such as the kitchen, dining room, balcony and home office.

Straight lines

Straight lines predominate in modern decor. In the living room they can be present on the sofa, rack and armchairs.


For the modern living room, use materials such as glass, stainless steel and acrylic. Wood can also be present, especially when accompanied by the materials mentioned above. Another option is leather, which guarantees a sober and sophisticated look to the space. Linen is also a good bet for covering sofas, armchairs and pillows.

Modern living room ideas to inspire you

In short, the modern living room should retain concepts of functionality, neutrality, integration and industrial-looking materials, such as glass and steel. Observing all these characteristics, you transform your room into a modern and welcoming space. Want more tips? Then check out the selection of images below of modern living rooms, they will inspire you even more:



































Images via: Pinterest

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