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Window curtains as a modern decorative element: 30 elegant ideas

by Eva

Window curtains as a modern decorative element: 30 elegant ideas

Are curtains old-fashioned? In this post we will try to convince you of the exact opposite. Here we present you the panel curtains that are all the fashion today. Here are some tips on how to sew them yourself. Take a look at our design ideas and let yourself be inspired.

Curtains fulfill important functions of sun protection and privacy in every room. But it is also a wonderful decorative element, and compared to the blinds and window shutters, they impress with a wonderful look. Curtains create a warm and romantic atmosphere in any room – just look at our photos to see for yourself. They fit any style of furniture and can be used to set beautiful touches. Window curtains are actually called this type of curtain attached to the window frame. You can get a better idea of ​​this from our photos. Panel curtains look very elegant and can be sewn almost effortlessly. If you are a fan of DIY creative projects, we recommend that you try the idea yourself.

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Slightly transparent panel curtains come in a wide variety of colors and designs and can fill any room with warmth and comfort. Monochrome or patterned, in soft pastel tones or in bright neon colors – the choice is simply huge and yours. Curtains can visually enhance the interior of any room and you can get some ideas about it from our photos. It would be especially nice if you combine several panel curtains together. Some models are transparent and have a purely decorative function. You can combine them with translucent curtains, which also have secrecy and blackout function. This will give the room more individuality.

These types of curtains can beautify any home in no time and are very easy to assemble. They are especially practical for the bathroom and kitchen – rooms where high humidity makes classic curtains look attractive. Unlike conventional curtains you should not place the panel curtains above the window on the wall, but in the window frame. There are two variants – to stretch the curtain between two bars or to place it as a hanging curtain. In addition, this type of curtain can cover only part of the window compared to the classics – for example, one third. This way you do not guarantee complete privacy, but with smart installation they can successfully protect you from prying eyes without covering the entire window.

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Some privacy screens have become more and more popular lately, but you can also choose curtains that completely cover your windows. Curtains are also very easy to sew. If you know how to knit or crochet, we recommend that you make wonderful decorative curtains for your kitchen or bathroom. These can only cover half or even a third of the window. If privacy is especially important to you, choose an opaque fabric. But if you just want to create a nice atmosphere in the room, let your imagination run wild. Sew the curtains from a noble, translucent fabric that allows light to penetrate gently into the room – like silk. Decorate them with lace ornaments – this will make the curtains really striking in the room. Also consider suitable suspension options – the most preferred variant is actually the use of a curtain rod.




























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