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49 Fresh ideas to decorate a modern living room

by Eva

49 Fresh ideas to decorate a modern living room

Nothing is more enjoyable than hosting our family or friends at home, and feeling that they are in an environment where peace, joy, harmony and good decoration prevail. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to maintain cleanliness and order and create your own style that reflects your personality.

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So we have key factors such as the colors, the accessories, the furniture, the lighting that will help us give it that magical and special touch that we want to achieve when decorating our home, especially the living rooms, which look like our introductory letter the visitor and our personal shelter.

An idea of multiple flexibility is to work with the decoration of the walls, we can put wallpaper on one of them, paint them with different colors, always maintain balance without exaggeration. Depending on the space, and the colors will be used, if it is a very small room, pastel shades will make it look more spacious and if we prefer the classic, white is king, because it offers a sense of spaciousness and allows us to play with the other color range.

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Light and atmosphere

Lighting is a key factor in creating our living rooms, natural light is essential because it gives us this halo of nature, we can make the most of it by changing the curtains to a lighter color or placing blinds (blinds), in pastel or neutral colors such as dark or light wood.

We can also play with mirrors because they create light and spaciousness, we can choose a large one that covers the entire wall or many small ones.

If budget allows, unnecessary divisions such as partitions can be eliminated, making the spaces more spacious and bright. Interior lighting can be multiplied by placing small lamps in the most relevant places. The main lighting can be focused by placing only one spot of light with a large lamp, or dim with a few rows of headlights.

Renovation of old furniture:

To save money and rejuvenate the space, we can put a new wallpaper, a new coat of paint, some new pillows on our old furniture, as well as our chairs and armchairs, like this repair, to modernize the closets a bit. and your cabinets, you can paint the doors or take them out and make new ones.

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Combine style

Our imagination is the one that sets the standards when it comes to decoration, so the old styles can be combined with modern ones that achieve excellent results, always maintaining elegance. For example, an old remodeled sofa and a new wooden table will match a grandmother’s wrought iron armchair, properly renovated and painted. Always maintaining balance.

A deodorant table with a modern sofa, an old wooden buffet and a modern metal lamp, wooden furniture with metal furniture, all these combinations are wonderful and if you are inspired and inject a personal touch, dedicate time with dedication to achieving what you really want to achieve. project, you will have great results, which everyone will want to emulate.

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