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How to make DIY summer curtains – garlands with shells

by Eva

How to make DIY summer curtains – garlands with shells

Shell curtains will not protect you from the light like a matching fabric, but they are extraordinarily special and will create a bright summer atmosphere in any room you use.
Depending on where you choose to hang such a curtain, except for doors or windows, it can somehow act as a “screen” inside the house or cottage, visually separating space from another.

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Of course they can also be used as second curtains, hung extras along with the regular curtain of a window, a balcony door or the bathroom, giving an absolute summer style and if you are not the patience to create such a summer composition, you can just add – Customize some shells on classic curtains in many ways, such as on the bottom or top, the buckle that holds it on the side, etc.

The simplest form of such a curtain is that on a line or rope you will periodically tie shells by opening a hole with a very fine drill.
You can stabilize the shells either by making a knot at this point several times or by tying each shell with a simple loop or in any other way serving you accordingly and by how “loose” or not you want to “stand” on the rope or the line.

To hang such a curtain or a similar decorative hanging composition (shell garland) you will need a wooden lath (you will find in all timber stores) or a sea-wood, thin trunk/branch, etc.

Screw on the lath/wood the special round-hanging hooks (you will find them in all shops with color-tools etc.) that do not need to pierce the wood to be placed and in each one tie tightly from a row of ropes or rope with shells.

Alternatively, you can drill the wood wherever you need it and tap each hole – fix a row of seashells or simply tie each row around the wood tightly.

In the same way, instead of a large similar construction, you will make any type of smaller decorative garlands with shells and ropes or lines that can be used in seasonal summer decorations hanging anywhere in the house or outdoors and in which, of course, in curtains, you can add other types of objects like seashells, seaweed, pieces of pot, beads, etc. in addition to shells.

For any type of construction you can use any shell that you can gather from a beach in its natural form or pass it before with a protective – polishing varnish that will highlight their colors or of course decorative shells you will find in a very large variety of sizes, shapes, and colors in shops with decorative-seasonal-house items.










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