Home Decoration ideas Great DIY vintage – farmhouse burlap decor options that will amaze you

Great DIY vintage – farmhouse burlap decor options that will amaze you

by Eva

Great DIY vintage – farmhouse burlap decor options that will amaze you

Burlap is a unique material widely used in the interior. With its help, it is easy to set the tone or emphasize simplicity, bring coziness and tranquility to the atmosphere, or, on the contrary, add an element of rebellion and even brutality to it. This material can look chic or deliberately rude, while it fits perfectly into the decor, sustained in different styles, but most in vintage and farmhouse ones, and it is special for decoration.

28 Practical and unusual DIY decorating ideas using burlap

Decorative pillows made of burlap organically fit into the decor of a modern bedroom and make it cozy.
Burlap is widely used for making towels, tablecloths, bedspreads, and wraps; it looks equally good both in combination with lace and with elements of drawing.

Burlap is great for creating a retro look. A vintage lamp is beyond praise while making such a little thing is not difficult.
Delicate lace in combination with coarse burlap looks original and even elegant, it does not conflict with coarse fabric, but, on the contrary, gives it nobility. Burlap is great for decorating the kitchen. It looks no less interesting as a cache-pot.

The burlap collected in ruffles looks original and original. Using burlap for decorative pillows it is worth considering that when washing this material gives significant shrinkage.
Burlap curtains are also suitable for furnishings in the style of Provence, rustic or retro style.

Check more ideas in the following images and have great inspiration.



























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