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Impressive, simple and economical DIY craft ideas with pine cones

by Eva

Impressive, simple and economical DIY craft ideas with pine cones

Very special and impressive constructions that can be created with really zero cost since the only material you will need are the pine cones that you will collect in a forest or even in groves-parks in the city center.

Alternatively, constructions of this form can be created with decorative pine cones that you will find in stores and eshops with items for constructions, shop window decoration items, etc. and at a cost of about 5 – 6 euros / kg, a quantity that is enough for a medium-sized construction.

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Depending on the type of object you want to build you will work in two different ways:

1. Investing any object from any kind of material with the pine cones, that is, covering its outer surface with pine cones that you will stick with a silicone gun.
You just need to “dress” the object with rows of pine cones, starting at the bottom and continuing upwards.

2. Using as a “guide-mold” an object that serves your size and shape you will create a corresponding one of pine cones, sticking them together in rows with a hot glue gun.

To make, for example, a bowl, basket, etc., turn an object of a similar shape-size upside down and start, starting from the bottom, to create rows around it with pine cones that will stick only together and not on your mold, until the construction to get the final shape you want.
The most practical and easy way to work this way is to let the glue solidify in each row of pine cones before moving on to the next. After the first 2-3 rows that will form the basis of the object and after your construction has acquired its basic skeleton, you can continue without a guide just by sticking pine cones in rows according to the formation you want.

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Whether you choose the top or bottom of the pine cones to be on the outside of the structures, depends on how uniform the pine cones you will use and the type of each structure and what creates the most elegant result, everything can be created in both ways.

The decorative pine cones in relation to the ones that you can pick yourself, have the advantage that they are usually about the same size and shape, something that will make it easier for you in both cases, but you can also cut the top of as many pine cones as their shape is difficult. , so that all the pine cones you will use have the same height-thickness and create a uniform appearance of the object that you will create in all its points.

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Completing your construction, you can apply protective varnish or paint the object with metallic paints in sprays, acrylic paints, etc., while this type of bowl, boxes, etc. can be very beautiful and original elements for Christmas compositions-decorations.












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