Home Bedroom Rustic bedroom: photos, tips and inspirational designs for decor

Rustic bedroom: photos, tips and inspirational designs for decor

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Rustic bedroom: photos, tips and inspirational designs for decor

You want a rustic bedroom decor, right? Correctly! So first let’s understand what this rustic style is. By definition, rustic is that it is not polished, that it has no finish, that is, it has a “rough” appearance. But it can also be defined as anything that refers to the countryside and a life closer to nature. Ready! This represents the rustic style: nature, natural elements, comfortable and simple life.

Therefore, rustic decor must respect these features. And how can we do that? Betting on the use of natural materials such as wood, stones, clay, bricks, mats, cotton and linen fabrics, plants, flowers and natural colors. These details make the difference in rustic style and are fundamental to achieving the result you desire. Want to see more tips? So keep staying with us. We brought tips, ideas and inspiration to create a rustic bedroom of your dreams.

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How to decorate a room in a rustic style

As you have seen, there are features that are essentially rustic and therefore cannot be left out of a rustic room. See below what they are and how you can insert them in the decoration.


When it comes to rustic decor, one of the first things that comes to mind is the use of wood. The material represents the essence of this style like no other. But be aware that it is not necessary to invest in a noble wooden bed from the classic period to achieve the desired aesthetic result. A simple pallet headboard can be quite common. In addition to the bed, wood can also be used in closets, drawers, floors, ceilings, doors, windows, mirrors and even blinds. However, it is important to be careful not to overdo it and visually overload the space, as wood has a strong visual charm. In case of doubt, follow the advice of less is more.

Natural elements

Although wood is the most prominent element in the decoration of a rustic room, it is still possible to rely on the combination of other elements, such as bamboo, mats. This simple and inexpensive material brings comfort to the eyes and heart. You can bet on mats, baskets and even furniture such as armchairs and chairs. You can also invest in raw ceramics, wrought iron and bamboo, for example. Fabrics are another important part of rustic décor, so you can use natural fibers such as cotton, linen, jute and sisal.

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Color palette

The color palette for a rustic room is very typical and follows, as a rule, the colors of the materials used in the room, such as beige and brown shades. To ensure a more modern touch, the rustic decor includes neutral tones such as white, black and gray. The touch of color is guaranteed with the warmest tones that are naturally comfortable, such as those of the yellow and red palette. A good example is the color of terracotta, one of the favorites when it comes to a rustic room.

Restoration of old furniture

Instead of buying new furniture for your rustic bedroom, you can find your furniture in antique shops and open markets. In these places it is possible to find high quality solid wood furniture at much more affordable prices. Another possibility is to search the house of your parents, uncles and grandparents and see if they are rare there.

Carpets, curtains and pillows

Rugs, curtains and pillows are the icing on the cake in rustic room decor and are primarily responsible for this feeling of warmth and comfort that style offers. Choose fabrics from natural fibers, light, fluid and in neutral and earth tones. For curtains, it is worth betting on fabrics such as linen. For carpets, a good tip is those made from sisal. Pillows with knitted woolen covers, for example, offer beauty and comfort in the room.

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It is impossible to talk about rustic room decor without thinking about lighting. First, it is important to emphasize the importance of natural light, as the principle of this type of decoration is to bring nature into the home and, let’s face it, the sun is something very natural. Then it is equally important to design artificial lighting, which, in this case, must be indirect and adapted to guarantee all the comfort required by the rustic style. Therefore, invest in hanging lamps, LED strips under furniture and directional points, remember that yellow lights are the best friend of rustic decor.


























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