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Cocooning bedroom decor – discover the Scandinavian hygge with our 63 inspiring photos

by Eva

What does cocooning mean? It is a style of decoration coming from the countries of the North which are realized with simple but nice objects. It’s the art of transforming an ordinary room into a cozy and chic haven where you’ll want to spend more time with a book, watching TV or with friends. Since the style is borrowed from the Scandinavian countries it best suits the cold season, the cozy bedrooms and the interiors of mountain chalets. Plaids, cushions, furs, candlesticks, soft lighting, and pastels colors are the main features of the cocooning room decor. This style combines comfort and design and is oriented to all the senses of people who can awaken with the contact of his environment – the touch, the sight, the smell, the taste and the hearing. How do you attribute this specific charm to the space and how do you create a cocooning bedroom? We play with the colors, the decorative objects and the typical accessories for this style. No need for big changes and new furniture. You can just change the decor and your cozy cocooning space will be created.

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The colors we choose are those that are used in Scandinavian decors or those that bring more brightness to the interior – gray, beige, linen, greige and of course all pastel shades. Gray and black are also allowed, most often incorporated with knitted plaids, soft carpets, paintings frames. Never forget – the color goes with the physical qualities of the object that presents it. A plaid with big black mesh will appear much softer than a black plaid woven in spite of nothing being forbidden. The important thing is to keep the balance of the elements. Wall painting and decorative objects are important, but what matters most is the atmosphere created with the fabrics – cushions, rugs, throws, bedding, curtains. Natural materials and soft textiles are preferred. As for other materials, wood is the warmest element that contributes to the cocooning atmosphere. It is used for the wall covering, the floor, it is decorated with Scandinavian furniture which are light and design and which give the inside an airy and pleasant aspect. To bring more chic and warmth, candles are lit and creatively arranged with or without candle holders. But lantern candlesticks with bright finishes are very trendy and respond to the cocooning style.

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Rustic and shabby chic designs go very well with the Scandinavian cozy decor. For this reason, we like to decorate with objects painted white, mint green or light blue and use ethnic patterns and simple materials that warm the atmosphere and give space a sentimental value. The layering of different rugs and blankets, the multitude of cushions and soft plaids will create a super cozy atmosphere without the need for other accessories. If the room is white, gray or taupe, consider putting pink, green or blue objects in a few different places to get a flirtatious atmosphere. Serenity, sharpness, and simplicity are mandatory conditions for the creation of a cocooning room decor. Do not have too many bulky items in the room, just the most useful and of course some decorative touches are enough to awaken the cozy spirit that you seek. The room must be practical. In addition, once the winter is over, it will be easy to change the decoration. The wool can be replaced by cotton and linen, the garlands of light will give way to the light of day.

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Creating a cocooning decor reflects the art of feeling good and being happy in the present moment. The cocooning atmosphere must evoke feelings and thoughts quiet and optimistic. Since the cocooning room decor is related to nature and pleasant emotions, we recommend the use of authentic materials and warm objects. The braided baskets and all the golden, copper or silver elements are perfect complements to the cozy atmosphere. Think of candlesticks, lamps and metalized frames that reflect the light and create a specific atmosphere. The contrast of these bright objects with soft materials and authentic wood enriches the decor and gives that last touch of glamor that we love so much! Do not forget the role of the fire in the room. Lighting candles directly on the bed are not advisable but you can create your decorative corner with candles. If you have a decorative fireplace, you can use it for creative storage of your pretty candles.

Check following images for great inspiration.

Cocooning bedroom decor4 Cocooning bedroom decor5 Cocooning bedroom decor6 Cocooning bedroom decor7 Cocooning bedroom decor8 Cocooning bedroom decor9 Cocooning bedroom decor10 Cocooning bedroom decor11 Cocooning bedroom decor12 Cocooning bedroom decor13 Cocooning bedroom decor14 Cocooning bedroom decor15 Cocooning bedroom decor16 Cocooning bedroom decor17 Cocooning bedroom decor18 Cocooning bedroom decor19 Cocooning bedroom decor20 Cocooning bedroom decor21 Cocooning bedroom decor22 Cocooning bedroom decor23 Cocooning bedroom decor24 Cocooning bedroom decor25 Cocooning bedroom decor26 Cocooning bedroom decor27 Cocooning bedroom decor28 Cocooning bedroom decor29 Cocooning bedroom decor30 Cocooning bedroom decor31 Cocooning bedroom decor32 Cocooning bedroom decor33 Cocooning bedroom decor34 Cocooning bedroom decor35 Cocooning bedroom decor36 Cocooning bedroom decor37 Cocooning bedroom decor38 Cocooning bedroom decor39 Cocooning bedroom decor40 Cocooning bedroom decor41 Cocooning bedroom decor42 Cocooning bedroom decor43 Cocooning bedroom decor44 Cocooning bedroom decor45 Cocooning bedroom decor46 Cocooning bedroom decor47 Cocooning bedroom decor48 Cocooning bedroom decor49 Cocooning bedroom decor50 Cocooning bedroom decor51 Cocooning bedroom decor52 Cocooning bedroom decor53 Cocooning bedroom decor54 Cocooning bedroom decor55 Cocooning bedroom decor56 Cocooning bedroom decor57 Cocooning bedroom decor58 Cocooning bedroom decor59 Cocooning bedroom decor60 Cocooning bedroom decor61 Cocooning bedroom decor62 Cocooning bedroom decor63

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