Home Decoration ideas DIY knitted round rugs: +52 gorgeous models for your home

DIY knitted round rugs: +52 gorgeous models for your home

by Eva

DIY knitted round rugs: +52 gorgeous models for your home

The round knitted crochet rug is a versatile fabrication that you can make to decorate your home or even sell and supplement your income.

It is possible to create a round knitted rug with different types of yarn, in different colors and sizes and it is also interesting in decorating your home. This piece of craftsmanship is very practical because it combines all decorative styles, from the most modern to the simplest environments and can be combined with other crafts.

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If you like round knitted carpet, we have found some amazing and easy to make designs that can inspire you creatively. Enjoy our tips …

Round knitted carpet can be made with different types of stitches and we always start from the center of the piece. To create a cozy atmosphere, many decorators use round knitted carpets in lounges and bedrooms.

There are different colors on the market if you want a particular color you can use products specific to this activity. The result of the work depends directly on the quality of the materials obtained for knitting.

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Round carpet with flower: Choose soft colors
The round flower carpet is a romantic and inexpensive option for decorating a bedroom, bathroom or a girl’s room. There are two ways you can make this type, for example with crochet flowers or flower-like carpets.

The flowers produced for the application can be different colors, so you can make a composition with colorful flowers and further enhance your piece.

Check out the pictures below for amazing round knit patterns and be inspired


















































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