Home Decoration ideas Rustic lounge – tips and 80 photos to create a cozy nest that breathes the natural charm

Rustic lounge – tips and 80 photos to create a cozy nest that breathes the natural charm

by Eva

Rustic lounge – tips and 80 photos to create a cozy nest that breathes the natural charm

The busy schedules, the commitments to be respected, the small tasks that go all through the day … and here it is fatigue. One reason in addition to enjoy the moments of calm and peace that is generally lacking in everyday life. This is why more and more people prefer the charm of the rustic living room to ultra-modern living spaces. The latter could assure us comfort, but never this feeling of tranquility that we find only in nature.

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The logic of setting up a rustic living room

A rustic salon par excellence is designed around the goal of imitating the raw beauty of the natural world. The creation of continuity between the outside and the inside is therefore essential. Indeed, it is not by chance that houses of this style attribute a not insignificant place to the concern to break the visible borders between these two spaces. It is for this purpose that in the rustic drawing room there is a tendency to reign the great majestic windows. The latter usually gives picturesque landscapes that make you dream. A chair is placed in front of the window, and you will have the feeling of being at the top of the world. In the same way, the greatness of space, which seems to extend to infinity, gives rise to a feeling of freedom, which is often lacking in small muffled interiors.


However, the creation of a successful rustic atmosphere is subject to some requirements in terms of decoration. Thus, we have created a small list of things you need to consider when setting up a rustic living room.

One of the distinctive features of rustic decor is linked to the choice of natural materials. Wood and stone deserve special attention because they are the true stars of rustic aesthetics. The first is appreciated for its warm and cozy atmosphere, making it ubiquitous in the rustic lounge. Apart from furniture often made of wood, the material can often be found on the floor, in the form of parquet flooring or on walls, often trimmed with paneling. And even on the roof! The wooden frame and exposed beams are much appreciated by these decorations. They are supposed to reflect the beauty of the outside, overgrown with flourishing vegetation.

Give life to your grandmother’s old antique

The stone is on his part the preferred material when it comes to creating a cottage spirit fireplace. However, you can find quite a few examples of decorations that use stone as a building material for the floor or walls.

As far as matters are concerned, there could also be a certain enthusiasm for what is natural or at least seems so. Leather, linen, and (false) fur are widespread. Leather sofas for example are a fairly popular accent that also gives a small luxury side to the decor. The rug or the sofa blankets in fur are also widely represented.


As for colors, the first thing to know is that the walls dressed in wallpaper or painted in bright colors are incompatible with the rustic style. There, you must bet rather on the neutral and earthy tints. Gray, brown, and white are declined in all their shades. The green is also introduced often enough to recall the freshness of nature. However, nothing is prevented from adding some colorful accents. Do it through furniture or decorative accessories, unless you act with caution of course.

The furniture

Furniture, as we have already mentioned, is mostly made of wood. There are usually two options. Either one buys brand new furniture to bring a contemporary side, or one turns to vintage and patinated furniture. This ensures we create retro chic accents. The advantage of this second option lies in the possibility of saving money by giving new life to old furniture.

The decoration

The choice of decorative accessories depends on the ambiance you want to create. If you want to emphasize the raw elegance of wood, opt for coarser decorative pieces. For a chalet atmosphere, hunting trophies and decorations in deer wood are very suitable. For extra elegance, opt for a large baroque chandelier. By adding metal or zinc accents, such as a metal pot holder, you can even betray the view, making it look like an industrial decor. Or you can opt for plants and vintage chic dishes. Combine them with light colors to create confusion between a rustic lounge and a chic campaign, whose aesthetics are very close. Indeed, below you will find quite a few examples of decorations that reconcile very well the two styles of decoration.

The cocooning lounge – a cozy paradise in 70 photos

We leave you now with some ideas of a rustic living room, presented in superb photos … And even if you can not afford it, you can at least indulge in the daydream. Finally, who knows … one day maybe…

Rustic lounge ideas2

Rustic lounge ideas3

Rustic lounge ideas4

Rustic lounge ideas5

Rustic lounge ideas6

Rustic lounge ideas7

Rustic lounge ideas8

Rustic lounge ideas9

Rustic lounge ideas10

Rustic lounge ideas11

Rustic lounge ideas12

Rustic lounge ideas13

Rustic lounge ideas14

Rustic lounge ideas15

Rustic lounge ideas16

Rustic lounge ideas17

Rustic lounge ideas18

Rustic lounge ideas20

Rustic lounge ideas21

Rustic lounge ideas22

Rustic lounge ideas23

Rustic lounge ideas24

Rustic lounge ideas25

Rustic lounge ideas26

Rustic lounge ideas27

Rustic lounge ideas28

Rustic lounge ideas29

Rustic lounge ideas30

Rustic lounge ideas31

Rustic lounge ideas32

Rustic lounge ideas33

Rustic lounge ideas34

Rustic lounge ideas35

Rustic lounge ideas36

Rustic lounge ideas37

Rustic lounge ideas38

Rustic lounge ideas39

Rustic lounge ideas40

Rustic lounge ideas41+

Rustic lounge ideas42

Rustic lounge ideas43

Rustic lounge ideas44

Rustic lounge ideas45

Rustic lounge ideas46

Rustic lounge ideas47

Rustic lounge ideas48

Rustic lounge ideas49

Rustic lounge ideas50

Rustic lounge ideas51

Rustic lounge ideas52

Rustic lounge ideas53

Rustic lounge ideas54

Rustic lounge ideas55

Rustic lounge ideas56

Rustic lounge ideas57

Rustic lounge ideas58

Rustic lounge ideas59

Rustic lounge ideas60

Rustic lounge ideas61

Rustic lounge ideas62

Rustic lounge ideas63

Rustic lounge ideas64

Rustic lounge ideas65

Rustic lounge ideas66

Rustic lounge ideas67

Rustic lounge ideas68

Rustic lounge ideas69

Rustic lounge ideas70

Rustic lounge ideas71

Rustic lounge ideas72

Rustic lounge ideas73

Rustic lounge ideas74

Rustic lounge ideas75

Rustic lounge ideas76

Rustic lounge ideas77

Rustic lounge ideas78

Rustic lounge ideas79

Rustic lounge ideas19

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