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Potatoes: How to plant them everywhere

by Eva

Potatoes: How to plant them everywhere

Plant potatoes on the balcony, on the terrace, in all urban areas …….. Become a farmer in the city!

Plant potatoes in various containers such as plastic bags, pots, trash cans, combining more crops in small urban spaces. Ask your children to help. You can’t imagine what joy you would give them besides knowledge. And we go through the same process that is easy and simple to avoid giving you excuses.

Garden tomatoes tips – practical ideas to know how to care them

Potato can be grown in three seasons. When planting is January – February until April we have spring cultivation. When planting is done – August we have autumn cultivation. When planting takes place in April – May we have the summer crop.

Materials you will need

– soil for pots
– Potatoes (potato seed for agricultural cultivation, the tubers are used in practice, ie the potato, which is a part of the trunk (a graft in the gardener’s language)
– Planting container (Compost bag (or large pot, trash bin, 5kg plastic containers, use your imagination)
-Sun (the more the better for the potato)

The planting container

You can plant your potatoes in any large container you have such as trash cans (trash bags, compost, soil), large plastic containers (restaurant food such as mayonnaise, etc.) or buy special potato planting bags.
Another great way of planting is the potato condo (wooden construction).
Just make sure you have enough holes to drain the soil (you can put coffee filters or window sills to prevent soil from being lost by watering)
If your container has no holes just open some.
Avoid too big containers so you can easily carry the plants in the sun in the case of a balcony, etc., and so that the potatoes do not rot out in excess of moisture.

Intercropping, what vegetables we grow together in the garden

Planting soil

Make sure the planting soil is high quality (prefer organic potting soil) for pots and drain quickly, enrich it with compost.


Put organic fertilizer on the soil and as the plants grow, add a moist fertilizer such as fish emulsion every two weeks.

Water and sun

Potatoes will never grow without sun and water. You need exposure to the sun for at least 6-8 hours a day. Try to keep the soil moist, not wet.
If it is too dry our plants will dry out. If it is too wet they will rot.
If there is still inconsistency in watering, then your potatoes will have a strange shape.

How to Plant

Apply pomegranate (for pots) mixed with fertilizer 10 -25 cm. in your container

Potato seed planting

(Eyes looking up)
The first and most important condition for the success of potato cultivation is the selection of suitable potatoes for sowing. As a seed of the potato for agricultural purposes, the tubers are used in practice, ie the potato, which is a part of the trunk (a graft in the gardener’s language)

The greatest crop is achieved only when the seed comes from potato plants, which have had the highest yield. The best varieties for spring sowing are the potato that comes from cold and mountainous parts.
The potato will be used for sowing must be healthy, not tight soft, has no internal voids (cavities), can be severe and is bound in shallows eyes. Not have black or dark spots in the cortex or in the flesh. It must not be struck, grasped or pierced by insects and worms and must be mature. When you plant large potatoes from healthy potato plants, the harvest is greater.
Plant only 4-5 medium-sized potato seeds for each pot, which is enough for the size of the containers mentioned above.
Believe me, you will be surprised by the outcome of the harvest.

Marigold, a durable flower that protects vegetables and beautify our gardens

Fertilizer after vegetation

When your potatoes reach about 15 cm, add a mixture of compost and compost, about 5 cm, very carefully so as not to hurt the plants.
You will need to cover some of the lower leaves of the plants but leave 2/3 of the plant out of the soil.
This process will need to be repeated as the plants grow until they reach the top of the pot.


When the potatoes bloom then you can remove the first potatoes. Carefully wipe the bottom of the container with your hand.
(if you are impatient)
But you can wait for the plants to turn yellow and dry to get all the potatoes. So easily turn the pot (on a substrate to pick up the soil easily afterward) and just enjoy your first crop!
If you find small potatoes, keep them for seed for the next crop. The small ones have the sweetest taste.
























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