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Garden tomatoes tips – practical ideas to know how to care them

by Eva

Garden tomatoes tips – practical ideas to know how to care them

Garden tomato, a vegetable that everyone consumes with great pleasure.
February is the month when the seeds start to sprout in the solariums, in order to have only good seedlings to put in the ground in the spring months. It is not much until then so we have chosen to present you some practical ideas to know what you have to do when you start gardening and especially the tomato seedlings.

Growing vegetables on the balcony or terrace

We also have little experience in gardening, so we can also share our impressions on this topic. If we had found such an article with good ideas at that time, we tell you with all sincerity that we would have implemented them without any doubt. Of course, from now on we will know what we have to do.

You have to know that the hardest part was the watering of the tomatoes in the solarium and outside. We water the garden with a very long hose connected to an electric pump, but do not ask how hard it was to pull it among the vegetable rows, because why not admit it, not everyone allows an efficient irrigation system. I was breaking some of them by mistake. That is why we find the idea of wetting in a very simple way by introducing a plastic drill, drilled previously, in the ground exactly next to the tomato seedlings. What do you think? We just fill the can with water and the soil absorbs where it needs to. We suspect that the idea started with the way of watering the apartment plants, because for sure many of you when you leave several days at home, put water in smaller drums that you infuse with your mouth down into the flower pot… So this is a very good idea for the vegetable garden.

Solanum tree, a tree growing tomatoes, peppers and aubergines

And with the legacy of the tomatoes, I had problems every time, because as you know they grow quite tall. Certainly, we will also make such supports for plant support. See how this article inspires us? We guarantee that we will implement some of them.

If you liked the practical ideas in today’s article, we promise to come back with other useful ones.

We invite you to leave comments on our page, and if you have such practical ideas do not hesitate to share them with us.



















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