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Gardening: Thuja an ornamental value tree and shrub in your yard or garden

by Eva

Gardening: Thuja an ornamental value tree and shrub in your yard or garden

The coniferous genus of Thuja trees and shrubs includes about 140 species classified into six main varieties originating in China and North America. In the Mediterranean climate, two main species of Thuja thrive, Thuja occidetalis or pyramidalis which grows in a pyramidal shape and Thuja orientalis with a wider-spherical growth.

Evergreen conifer in the form of a tree that can exceed ten meters in height or shrub, depending on the species. It is cultivated for the particularly dense yellow-green foliage that makes Thuja, among others, ideal for use on low or high fences.

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Of particular ornamental value are the dwarf varieties that do not exceed 1-2 meters in height, can be pruned in various shapes as well as grown in pots individually or in combination with other ornaments, while they are particularly suitable for planting in rock gardens, for the creation of low edging in flower beds, corridors, etc.

Due to the shape of the plant and the morphology of the foliage, both small and larger plants are particularly impressive and decorated like … Christmas trees during the holidays.

Tall varieties with very dense foliage such as Thuja emerald are suitable for creating a compact fence, since with planting at very short distances and proper pruning of plants they do not stand out and create a single tall fence, without any gaps between the trees.

The most common species have a crown in green-yellow shades, while in some rarer varieties the leaves have a dark black-green color.

The thuja forms cones (pine cones) in an oval shape while the tips of the thin leaves have glands with essential oils that are included in the composition of many cosmetics, detergents and fragrances.

Soil: It belongs to the species that thrive even in the most barren and hard soils. Use a common garden soil for planting directly in the ground or an enriched potted soil for planting pots.

Location: It needs sun while it is very resistant to wind and can be planted in any sunny spot in the garden or on the balcony regardless of its orientation.

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Watering: Thuja needs enough water, in the hot summer season you should necessarily water every 2 days, especially while the plant is in the initial stage of their growth. The rest of the seasons, depending on the weather, rainfall, etc., water twice a week.

Pruning: Pruning is the most important care that Thuja requires in order to maintain its dense foliage and shape. It is pruned twice a year, at the end of summer and the beginning of spring, so that all the very large branches are shortened. Otherwise the foliage grows uncontrollably and weakens – dilutes in the central part of the plant.

Dwarf varieties are also pruned in the same way and in order to maintain their pyramidal or spherical shape.

Fertilization: Although it is not necessary to fertilize with a complete granular preparation in the spring and another during the fall, they contribute to the growth and vigor of Tougia. Potted plants are more in need of nutrients and are particularly favored by the addition of water-soluble fertilizer every 1-2 months.

Propagation: Propagation is by seeds or cuttings, as it is a slow and not always successful process, so for amateur cultivation it is preferable to supply ready-made plants that are available in all nurseries.

The transplanting of young plants can be done at any time of the year, with the most suitable beginning of spring or autumn and without the roots being cut from the soil ball that surrounds them.








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