Home Decoration ideas Pampas grass: wonderful decoration ideas with the trend plant for your home and garden

Pampas grass: wonderful decoration ideas with the trend plant for your home and garden

by Eva

Pampas grass: wonderful decoration ideas with the trend plant for your home and garden

Have you ever seen pampas grass? The plant, also known by the scientific name Cortaderia selloana, looks really attractive. So it is no wonder that it is one of the biggest decoration trends. In this post we will give you some fantastic ideas for stylish decorations with pampas grass. Use this as a source of inspiration for your own home and garden.

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Home decoration

Exactly the decoration makes the atmosphere in an apartment individual, cozy and unique. The decorations with pampas grass are a wonderful idea – they are durable, versatile and give the atmosphere in every room an informal naturalness. They fit best in apartments furnished in a Scandinavian, country house or boho style. But that does not mean that the decoration with pampas grass in your minimalist living room cannot turn into an eye-catcher. Dare to experiment to put the fluffy ornamental grass in the scene in the best possible way. In this regard, our photos can serve as a role model for you or just give you a suggestion on how to arrange the grass nicely.

Pampas grass is just suitable for any room! In the living room, bedroom, kitchen or hallway it will create an inviting and beautiful ambience. On the chest of drawers, in the corner or on the coffee table in the living room, the fluffy ornamental grass is a real eye-catcher and can also be easily combined with other home accessories. The delicate fronds simply exude a feeling of calm and comfort, which makes the grass a wonderful decoration for the bedroom. But even in the bathroom it will create a classy boho ambience.

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Garden ideas and care

Pampas grass is a fairly hardy plant that does not need special care. It prefers areas with mild climates, where it thrives in most soil types, although it prefers light sandy soils with good drainage. We plant the Pampas grass fowl in sunny places in our garden, where it will have good growth and rich flowering. It can grow in semi-shady places, however in this case it gives us less flowering. The Pampas grass is sensitive to high summer temperatures and strong winds, so we make sure to place it in sheltered places. Although not very common, the Pampas grass can be planted in a pot or planter. We choose large enough pots for the plant to grow and place them on a balcony facing west or south.

The Pampas grass has moderate water requirements, as it has a well-developed root system. Water once a week during the spring and autumn period and definitely 2-3 times a week during the summer period when high temperatures prevail. To fertilize the Pampas grass, we add complete granular fertilizer three times a year, in early spring, early summer and early autumn, to ensure satisfactory growth and flowering. It is worth noting that the genus is quite a hardy plant and is not easily infected by insects and fungal diseases, so it does not need special protection.

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The pruning of the Pampas grass is done every year at the end of winter at a height of about 20 cm from the ground. When pruning, we also remove all the dry shoots of the plant. If the Pampas grass fowl has not been pruned for several years, we prune even lower at 5-10 cm from the ground to renew its vegetation and give us rich growth and flowering. The propagation of the Pampas grass can be done with seed, but mainly it is done with rhizomes. To create new pomegranate plants, divide the rhizomes along with part of the above-ground shoot in early spring and plant them in nursery pots using light topsoil. After 2-3 months, at the beginning of summer, we transplant the new Pampas grass plants in their final position in the garden or in larger pots.

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The cut long flowers of Pampas grass that exceed one meter in length have significant ornamental and decorative value, as they can be kept in a vase for several months.























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