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Knitted interior decor – 35 ideas for a warm house

by Eva

Knitted interior decor – 35 ideas for a warm house

When it’s winter outside, it’s a good idea to wrap yourself in a warm knitted sweater. And the interior is no exception. Even if your house are well heated, in winter you want to make the interior as cozy as possible. Knitted decor will help you with this. Such products always bring comfort and beauty to any interior. It can be both small furniture (for example a ottoman), and various trifles for a decor. Knitted items can also be used to update old interiors. We have selected great photo examples of knitted decor for your inspiration.

Knitted Decor: Unbelievable DIY decorations you can make from yarn leftovers

The main advantage of knitted elements in the interior is that they fit harmoniously into any style. Such items always look original and appropriate.

Ideally, if you know how and love to knit – such products in the house will be even more valuable. It is enough to have basic skills of this type of needlework to create knitted decorations for the house on your own. If knitting is not yours, you can conduct an audit among old knitted items and sew stylish knitted decor from them: decor for candles and candlesticks, furnitures, lampshade from an old sweater, soft decorative pillows, warm ottoman, vase cover – the list goes on and on.

But knitted decor is very popular right now, so you can easily find one on sale. Also, pay attention to the knitted pattern as such. Even if such a decor does not warm in the literal sense, its appearance will definitely add comfort.



































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