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Poinsettia, the flower of Christmas – care tips home and garden decoration ideas

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Poinsettia, the flower of Christmas – care tips home and garden decoration ideas

When Christmas comes, the poinsettia, the striking red-flowered flower has its honor. Also known as poinsettia or “star of Bethlehem”, Alexandria symbolizes the festive Christmas season and every December we find it everywhere around us, adorned with homes and shops. Originally from Mexico, Poinsettia owes its name to an American ambassador who took the flower in his country two centuries ago, from which it gradually spread throughout the world. Let’s look at the most important tips for taking care of poinsettia to keep it bright and beautiful at the holidays, as well as the proper care to keep it up until next Christmas.

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In what position do we place the poinsettia in the house?

We place the poinsettia in the living room or other bright interiors of our home so that it does not directly receive the sun’s rays. Immediate sunlight can create burns and fade the leaves of the poinsettia. To keep the red of the poinsettia intense we avoid the very shady places that gradually make the poinsettia leaves lose their vibrancy in coloring. The poinsettia should be kept away from cold currents and freezing. Keep it away from frozen glazes and radiators to avoid twisting the poinsettia foliage that may fall to fall leaves.

How do we keep the poinsettia after Christmas?

In spring, we can transplant the poinsettia into a larger flowerpot or into the soil of our garden. Especially in temperate winter southern areas, the poinsettia can stay outdoors all year, and with proper care become a beautiful tree that reaches three meters in height. To transplant the poinsettia into a larger flowerpot, as soon as winter is over, use a light pesticide that ensures good drainage to remove water and place a layer of pebbles or stones on the base of the flowerpot.

How often watered and put in fertilizer poinsettia?

Regarding the needs of the water in the festive season, we usually water every 4-5 days after the soil has dried in the pot. In spring and autumn, we water poinsettia twice a week while in summer every 2 days. Alexandria does not need fertilizer during the winter. For Alexandria we keep in flowerpots, we add a special liquid fertilizer for flowering plants, once a month from March to October, to maintain its growth. If we have planted the poinsettia in the garden, we add grainy fertilizer in early spring and early autumn.

What diseases and insects affect poinsettia?

Poinsettia is projected by the insects of the white-bellied, the pseudococcus and the squirrel. In order to protect the Alexandrian eco-friendly, we spray with a solution of grated green soap or a solution of summer pulp and potassium soaps that we obtain from agribusinesses. Alexandrine is also affected by the fungal disease of botrytis as well as various fungal diseases that cause rot in the root, so it is advisable to spray the foliage of the plant with a copper solution to irrigate the root with a lactose solution.

What time and how do we prune the poinsettia?

After the festivities, when the red leaves of the poinsettia begin to fall, we prune the tops of the plant slightly to grow new vegetation. At the same time, we remove dry and yellow leaves to allow better ventilation of the Alexandrian foliage. To create a denser and more compact foliage in our poinsettia, we make the second topping in May.

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How do we create new poinsettia plants?

If we want to create new Alexandrian plants, in the spring we cut cuttings 15 cm long from the top of the plant and plant them in pots with a mixture of general purpose sand and 2: 1 ratio. To increase the success rate of graft proliferation, it is advisable to use the rooting hormone. This way we can transplant the young Alexandrian plants into larger pots after a period of 7-8 weeks.

And a secret about the poinsettia

In order for the leaves of Alexandria to become reddish again, we will need to keep them in the dark for several hours in the fall. Specifically, the Alexandrian as a small light period needs little exposure to the sun, so we cover it daily for 12-14 hours with a dark cloth in October and November. In this way, the leaves of the Alexandrian will have the desired glowing red color to decorate it again in our beautiful and impressive living room for the coming Christmas holidays.



























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