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Wall decoration – 56 most current trends

by Eva

Wall decoration – 50 most current trends

Today we want to present the most current trends in wall decoration; paintings with geometric shapes and combinations of exquisite tones. Do not miss our collection of photos and decide what style would be best in your home, we hope you enjoy the tour.

10 x more fun with paint

Pastel shades and pale neutrals take a lot this season. Matte finishes that bring a pleasant feeling of softness and all kinds of figures and shapes to star on the walls of the most modern interior designs. It’s time to find your own style for each space, and this is an original and simple way to do it.

We can make the decoration of walls in different ways, although in this case, we suggest using paint. To create the shapes we can use molds that we have previously acquired, or we can create the figures on our own using adhesive paper tape and also a meter.

How to make a gold dust glitter wall (VIDEO) + ideas

Fashion colors are many, usually pale and dry. To be able to use many different tonalities in the same wall, it is preferable that the set is not too flashy to prevent the environment from being too overloaded or to apply the color note in one or several walls, but not in all of them.

For totally wall paint decoration inspiration, check below our image gallery.
























































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