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Inspiring decoration for country houses

by Eva

Inspiring decoration for country houses

Country houses give a special charm to be located in a rural environment and in direct contact with nature. They are perfect to take refuge from the daily stress of the cities and to enjoy indoors and outdoors. Today we will share some ideas to get the most out of the decoration of country houses.

Country style decoration ideas

In recent years we have witnessed the return of the rural environment by many people seeking a healthier lifestyle. Decorating country houses entails achieving a more functional distribution with the comforts of the 21st century but without losing its charm and original essence of a country house.

Decoration of country houses

What stands out most in the decoration of the rural houses is the good use of natural light, the amplitude of the spaces and the direct connection of the interior spaces with the exterior.
Architecture plays a very important role in country houses. This type of housing is linked to the surrounding environment and to the use of local materials from the area.

Stone walls, exposed wooden beams and also polished wooden or cement floors give them their own personality. Do not hesitate and keep the structural elements that will add character to your country house.

Natural materials, colors, and textures

The decoration of the country houses highlights the wood, which is one of the leading materials of the rural area. We find it in the furniture, the structural elements and also in the pavement. The doors, windows, and shutters of ornamented wood are special pieces, do not hesitate to recover them and give them a renewed aspect by painting them in cheerful colors.

The walls and stone floors are characteristic elements of the old rural houses. The forge is a material that is present in the rustic or country style, you can see it in auxiliary tables, lamps, headboards …

It is important to use elements that enhance natural lighting, for example, the use of light tones, for walls, ceilings, floors, furniture and accessories as well as textiles. The predominant colors in the country houses are the tonalities of the surrounding environment, earth tones, oranges, green yellows, blues …

Natural fabrics such as cotton, wool, linen, are suitable for rustic or country style. The floral prints are still the protagonists, also the animal motifs and stripes …

Country kitchens
The kitchens of the country houses are the meeting center, where not only is cooking but also shared moments with family and friends. This type of country houses invites to meet in the kitchen around who prepares the food and enjoy, at the same time, talks. Add a large wooden table with comfortable chairs to enjoy pleasant after-hours.

The fireplace: the nerve center of the lounge
The fireplace or home is the representative element of the decoration of country houses. It is important that it is in good condition both functionally and aesthetically. In addition, today it is possible to find modern fireplaces that adapt perfectly to any rural decoration.

Bedrooms of cottages: spaces for relaxation
The bedrooms of rural houses transmit relaxation and well-being. It is largely due to the use of noble materials such as wood and warm, natural fabrics.

Garden decoration ideas – how to insert a country touch in your garden

Exterior decoration of country houses
One of the main reasons to move to a country house is to be in direct contact with nature and to enjoy the environment that surrounds it.
Renewing outer space requires the same dedication as interior decoration. Distribute the space in different areas. A very important is a space where you can relax with comfortable armchairs and colorful accessories that will add a touch of color and joy to the environment.
Another area that you should foresee in a country house exterior is a dining area where you can enjoy wonderful meals and dinners outdoors. The luminous garlands and candles will bring a special and romantic touch.

What do you think of these ideas for decorating cottages? We hope you will be helped and inspired.


















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