Home Exterior decoration Small decorative and stylish garden bridges for summer cottages: 42 photos and design ideas

Small decorative and stylish garden bridges for summer cottages: 42 photos and design ideas

by Eva

Small decorative and stylish garden bridges for summer cottages: 42 photos and design ideas

A trip to the country house is one of the most enjoyable forms of relaxation with family and friends. Our population is gradually moving away from the stereotype that the farmhouse is intended exclusively for growing potatoes. Therefore, the owners of country houses are increasingly decorating their possessions in accordance with the latest trends in landscape design.

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By equipping even a small non-standard flower bed, you can draw high-quality attention to the garden. If you are lucky and there is a stream or a small pond on the territory of a country house, this is the ideal place to install a decorative bridge. The presence of such a design element will transform the garden, bring originality and brightness to the overall picture.

Where to install?

The initial task of the bridge was to connect the banks of a river or an abyss, to help overcome this obstacle in the way of a person. But today the functions of garden bridges are completely different.
Such structures are used to highlight some areas in the garden, decorative finishes. Therefore, before choosing the necessary design, you need to decide what exactly its purpose will be and which zones to connect with it.

Most people believe that a garden bridge is only appropriate for a large area, and they are greatly mistaken. If you choose the right style and material, such a decorative element will fit perfectly in a small garden.

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A bridge can be erected not only over a natural or artificial source of water. Designers often use the “dry stream” technique for this. Such a decorative element can be located on the path, extend it or simplify an inconvenient place for a pedestrian.
The bridge can look very organic and stylish in any area. To do this, select in advance a good location and design of the structure, which will be in harmony with the general style of the site. For example, if you have a rock garden, opt for a simple and sophisticated Japanese bridge.

For a large area with many trees, a large wooden bridge is ideal; you can decorate it with carvings. If available on the territory of the reservoir, the bridge can be supplemented by building a small gazebo at its end. This place is guaranteed to become the most adorable for your household.

Style features

On the site where an irregularly shaped reservoir is located, the bridge must be placed in its narrowest place. Thus, you can select a swimming area or a shallow place.

In a regular style, it is appropriate to put a bridge in the middle of an oval or rectangular pond. This technique emphasizes rigor as it divides the landscape symmetrically.

In areas that are decorated in Japanese style, the presence of a decorative bridge is a must. Indeed, for the representatives of this eastern culture, contemplation of the landscape is equated with meditation.

But before you make a Japanese bridge in the country yourself, you should familiarize yourself with the theory of oriental culture and the design features of this country.

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At a cottage, decorated in the style of a village, it will be very easy to build a bridge with your own hands. To do this, you can use any available materials: logs, boards, or branches. The railing would be appropriate to be made of carved balusters if the rest of the buildings on the site are made in the style of a tower.
And for lovers of the avant-garde style, asymmetric bridges, painted in bright colors, are recommended. Such a decorative element gives originality to the overall atmosphere and creates a festive atmosphere.






































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