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Matching colors and decorations with navy blue: 50 perfect ideas for inspiration

by Eva

Matching colors and decorations with navy blue: 50 perfect ideas for inspiration

Navy blue is a color that can be both chic and elegant, and relaxed and formal. The difference is in the colors that match the navy blue.

Correctly! The colors included in the composition will dictate the rules of decoration, turning environments into more modern or more classic ones, depending on your preferences.

Want to learn how to do this magic? So don’t miss out on the beautiful tips and inspirations we’ve brought below. Just take a look.

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Navy blue: what color is that?

Have you ever stopped to think about where the color navy blue comes from? The closed tone, strongly colored, brings to its composition a large amount of pure blue mixed with black.

Navy blue is born from this mixture. The color was first used in the 1700s on the uniform of the British Royal Navy. No wonder the tuna carries a reference to the sea in its name.

Since then, navy blue has become popular in different spaces, bringing sophistication and elegance to the worlds of fashion, design, and architecture.

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Why use navy blue in decoration?

Navy blue is a versatile color that goes well with different decorating styles, from the most classic to the most modern. But that’s not the only reason to bet on the color. Navy blue also scores points in terms of sensory perception of environments.

And what does that mean? Sensory perception is how you feel when you enter a certain space. Colors have the ability to express a wide variety of emotions and sensations, changing mood and even heart rate.

Navy blue also evokes sensations and the main one is relaxation and calmness.

For this very reason, navy blue ends up being a very welcome color in environments such as bedrooms (adult or children), living rooms, and dining rooms.

Navy blue also stimulates focus and concentration, which makes it a very welcome color in offices as well, as addition, to study spaces, such as a library or an area in the bedroom designed for study.

The color still conveys security, loyalty, and respect, being ideal for corporate spaces.

Apart from that, navy blue is the color of elegance and sobriety, especially when paired with similar muted tones.

It’s no wonder that color ends up being used to enhance environments that are often overlooked in the project, such as the bathroom or kitchen.

That is, navy blue has everything to be the biggest hit in your home.

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How to use navy blue in decoration?

To make sure you don’t go wrong when designing navy blue decor, we’ve listed some important tips to help you out. Checkout:

Ambient brightness
Navy blue is a dark color, right? That’s why it’s important to assess the light level in the environment so that it doesn’t appear smaller than it really is or even create the feeling of a cramped, claustrophobic space.

As a general rule, the more natural light the better, so you can ensure that the dark tone does not affect the perception of the environment. But if the space receives little natural light, invest in a lighter composition than navy blue.

Another idea is to use navy blue only in the details, leaving the larger areas for the light colors.

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Decorative style
Another important detail to pay attention to is the decorative style of the environment. Despite the fact that it combines very well with any style of decoration, you should pay attention to the colors that will be part of the palette so that you can more clearly convey the desired style.

In the images below you can see the main colors that match great with navy blue.















































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