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How to decorate a gray room and what colors combine perfect with Gray

by Eva

How to decorate a gray room and what colors combine perfect with Gray

If you have decided to paint a room in your house or apartment in gray, it is very likely that you are currently wondering a lot of questions. The gray room is not very difficult to decorate, indeed. Well when the time comes, there are some things to remember. Gray can create a beautiful, stylish interior in most cases, but sometimes it can seem a bit sad or unattractive. So, it’s nice to know which shade of gray goes well with which color. We are ready to answer all your questions. In addition, you will find thousands of inspiring ideas on the photos you can see below this page.

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Is gray a color?
Gray is an intermediate color between black and white. It is a neutral or achromatic color. Achromatic literally means color without color because it can be composed of two basic colors, in this case it is black and white.

Which color to associate with the gray?
Being an achromatic, sophisticated and calm color, gray is very versatile. It associates with perfectly with a large number of colors. For a brighter and more welcoming room, combine gray and white. To give more color, you can use accents in warm colors like yellow, pink, red. Or choose a cold-colored decor such as blue, purple or green. Almost every shade of these colors goes well with gray.

What color goes with dark gray?
With the dark gray combine well with light colors. The decor of such a room should highlight the natural light that enters the room, because in cases where there is enough light it seems as if the room is painted black. White, other shades of gray, red, blue blend well with dark gray.

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What color do you associate with pearl gray?
Pearl gray blends perfectly with any pastel shade. From powder pink to smoky blue, pearl gray creates a beautiful sophisticated decor. The colors of the ocean are also a very beautiful association that can help you to create a quiet bedroom.

What color to associate with the blue gray?
Blue gray is certainly associated with silver gray, aquamarine, celadon gray, and navy blue. The white adds light in a room decided in blue gray. If you want a more original and a little more jovial combination, you can combine it with orange, yellow or green.

How to accessorize a gray room?
In a gray room, it is better to put brightly colored accessories, such as yellow, pink, red, orange. For a sophisticated interior choose details in white, blue gray or another shade of blue. For Scandinavian deco, choose from gray, white, wood accents and lots of green plants.
























































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