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How to Keep White Plastic Chairs Clean and Bright

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How to Keep White Plastic Chairs Clean

How to Keep White Plastic Chairs Clean and Bright

Learn how to keep white plastic chairs clean and bright with simple steps and easy-to-find materials. Follow these practical tips to maintain your outdoor furniture in top condition all season long.

White plastic chairs and outdoor furniture, also known as resin outdoor chairs, offer several advantages. They are more affordable than other types of outdoor furniture, often made from nearly 100% percent recycled plastic, and can be recycled again. Additionally, these chairs are lightweight, usually stackable, and resistant to weather conditions.

However, white plastic chairs tend to get dirty and discolored quickly when exposed to the elements. Regular cleaning is essential, but thankfully, it’s easy to keep them looking fresh with a few simple products and tools.

Cleaning Frequency for White Plastic Chairs

It’s important to clean spills and stains from grass, mud, food, tree sap, or bird droppings as soon as they occur. A thorough cleaning at the beginning of the outdoor season usually keeps them looking good all summer. Always clean the chairs thoroughly before storing them for the winter.

Essential Cleaning Materials

  • Baking soda
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • All-purpose cleaner
  • Oxygen-based bleach
  • Distilled white vinegar
  • Automotive paste wax

Setting Up a Cleaning Area

Lay a plastic tarp in a sunny spot outside near a garden hose. Place the chairs or other plastic furniture that need cleaning on the tarp.

How to Keep White Plastic Chairs Clean

Mixing a Cleaning Solution

There are several effective cleaning solutions for white plastic chairs. Choose one that suits your needs:

  1. For Mildew: Mix 25 percent water and 75 percent distilled white vinegar in a spray bottle. Spray on mildewed areas and wait 10 minutes before general cleaning.
  2. General Cleaning Solutions:
    • Mix one gallon of lukewarm water with one-fourth cup of dishwashing liquid.
    • Combine one gallon of lukewarm water with half a cup of baking soda.
    • Add one-fourth cup of all-purpose cleaner to one gallon of lukewarm water.

Washing and Rinsing the Chairs

Start cleaning from the top down using a sponge or a soft-bristled nylon brush to catch drips of dirty water. For stained areas, sprinkle a bit of dry baking soda on the sponge or brush to gently scrub the stains away.

Once the chairs are clean, rinse them thoroughly with a garden hose. If they are still dingy, proceed to the next step.

Important Tip

Avoid using abrasive cleaners or scrubbing pads on white or colored plastic chairs, as they can scratch the surface and trap dirt in the grooves.

Using Oxygen Bleach to Whiten Dingy Chairs

If the chairs remain discolored, an oxygen-based bleach solution can help. This gentle bleaching agent removes stains and brightens plastics without being corrosive or harmful to the environment.

  • Mix the Solution: Combine one gallon of lukewarm water with half to one cup of powdered oxygen bleach in a bucket. Stir until the powder dissolves.
  • Apply the Solution: Wear rubber gloves and use a sponge or soft-bristled nylon brush to apply the solution, starting from the top. Scrub to lift embedded dirt.
  • Let it Sit: Allow the solution to sit on the chairs for at least 15 minutes. It won’t harm the chairs if left longer.
  • Rinse and Dry: Rinse thoroughly with a garden hose and dry with a microfiber cloth or let them air-dry in the sun.

How to Keep White Plastic Chairs Clean

Tips to Keep White Plastic Chairs Clean Longer

  • Apply Automotive Paste Wax: After cleaning, apply a thin coat of automotive paste wax with a soft cloth or sponge and buff with a dry cloth. This helps prevent stains and dirt from sticking.
  • Avoid Placing Under Trees: Keep chairs away from trees that shed blossoms or leaves.
  • Winter Storage: Clean, cover, and store the chairs indoors to protect them from freezing temperatures.
  • Use an Outdoor Umbrella: When placing chairs outside, use an umbrella to provide additional protection.

By following these steps, your white plastic chairs will remain clean, bright, and inviting all season long.

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