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Greige a neutral color that you should know

by Eva

Greige a neutral color that you should know

The value of neutral colors is invaluable. They work as colors that bring balance to the spaces and are the ideal canvas for touches of intense color.
Greige is a very popular color and not unjust. It is the perfect combination of gray and beige (hence its name) and this gives it some peculiarities.

How to decorate a gray room and what colors combine perfectly with Gray

Gray has always been a very popular choice in interior decor and design. The reason is that it creates a very calm canvas that does not tire the look and matches almost all colors. The same is true of the beige that pioneered as a neutral base on the walls of many homes and for many decades.

On the one hand, gray fits into the cold area of ​​the color palette, as opposed to the beige that is considered a warm color. This is what makes greige a very special color: it gets slightly different shades, depending on the lighting it receives.

You can even make your own greige by deciding which color you want to be the dominant one. You can create a greige with more gray, but it will have a small amount of warm beige to ‘soften’. Or you can create a more beige greige if you want a neutral color that will lean more warmly.

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One thing is for sure: both beige and gray are both neutral colors and this means that their combination is also neutral. Of course, there are many greiges on the market. So you can choose the gray and beige doses you want to put in your home, depending on your natural lighting and your preferences. And of course, you have all the positive qualities of both the cold and the warm palette that these two colors offer.













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