Home Decoration ideas 43 Beautiful living rooms decorated for spring – a fresh dose of inspiration

43 Beautiful living rooms decorated for spring – a fresh dose of inspiration

by Eva

43 Beautiful living rooms decorated for spring – a fresh dose of inspiration

It’s time to refresh them and fill them with light, color, and charm. Get inspired by these fantastic ideas to give your living room more spring and fresh air.

With the good weather at the gates, we really want the living room to be filled with joy and the party of its colors. All of these ideas work. So it’s time to renovate your living rooms for spring and fill them with light, color, and charm… Be inspired by these examples to fill your living room with light, joy, and lightness, without getting involved in big projects.

Natural cocooning living room decoration ideas in the spirit of spring


Fabric change: Prepare your home for the explosion of colors that the new season brings. Dare with the mixtures. Coordinated prints with patterns. In the windows light fabrics. Woolen rugs give way to fresher natural fiber rugs. And everything lowers the temperature.

When the view is worth it or the window has a restored design that retains the charm of the old, the absence of curtains renews the environment. A few coordinated interventions are enough. Fold the curtains on both sides of the window or in three sections.

The colorful combinations in acidic and vibrant tones are an energy injection for an environment. You just have to choose shades that refer to the colors of nature.

Surround yourself with natural fibers in the seats, lamps, and accessories. Look for light and fresh fabrics, such as canvas, and keep floral prints on your pillows.

Soften the excess light by choosing wooden furniture (those with aged finish are luxurious) and combine them with other natural materials, such as wicker, cane, sisal… These, use in accessories: for example, the lamp, the basket – magazine rack, the carpet… Finally, a few touches of turquoise on the pillows… and how nice!

Plant and flower centers and pots. Make beautiful nature with flowers and wild plants. They add a plus of beauty, aroma, and color. CERTAIN SUCCESS.

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Bring The Spring In: How You Can Give Your Home A Fresh New Look For The Season

Now enjoy your living rooms decorated with spring in mind, in which they tried to create fresher environments in which natural flowers and prints reign. Also happier colors and bolder color combinations. They are rooms where you can enjoy good company or a good row while relaxing.









































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